7 Best Flooring for Horse Stalls Of 2022 (BUYING GUIDE)

Riding a horse piercing through the air is indeed an adventurous experience. There's hardly anything that can be equally thrilling as pulling the tack and drifting like a knight-rider!

But the fun ends when you're back to the stable. Looking at the floor, you can even hear your silent groaning inside. What a terrible place to live! When you don't ensure the best flooring for horse stalls, it's not going to be a safe haven for your stallions and mares.

Traditional flooring poses a tough challenge of cleaning the slog of urine and stool. When the waste gets stuck in the cracks of the mat, it's not going to be an easy task cleaning it up.

That's why proper flooring for the stall is crucial. This article is dedicated to reviewing some of the most useful horse-stable flooring solutions you can find.

Top 3 Best Flooring for Horse Stalls from 7

Top 7 Best Flooring for Horse Stalls Review

It's not an easy pick when you're going to replace the entire flooring system of the horse stable. That's why we have limited our choice to 6 flooring solutions that you can rely on. Here's what we found.

01. Rubber-Cal Recycled Floor Mat

 To begin with, we have the Rubber-Cal floor mat, which is proudly made in the USA. This black mat is made from specially crafted abrasion resistant rubber that provides a good grip on the floor.

The fact that it is made from 100-percent recycled rubber simply impressed us the most. It's crucial that your horses do not come into hazardous components' contact. While rubber being something you can't rely on, this recycled version will set you worry-free. It's green, and it's safe.

Core material

Also, its core material consists of EPDM that is derived from shredded tire rubber. That makes it even more durable and increases the grip on the floor in a better way.

The equilibrium of softness and rough feeling is met effectively in this mat. You can feel the traction and the absorption of your movement when you walk or run over the mat.

Underfoot comfort

When the horses tend to drift inside the stable, the superior underfoot comfort of the mat is going to absorb the shock and provide excellent support for running and walking.

No matter how hard your knights are going to walk or brisk around, the wear-resistant mat is hardly going to get damaged.


It comes with an impressive feature of impact-resistance that makes it simply one of the best choices we have.

On top of all, this floor comes with a durometer of 60A, which allows the surface to become hard and gives it fairly moderate flexibility, as well.

  • Black rubber mat made from 100 percent recycled rubber
  • Wear and impact-resistant formation
  • Includes high content of EPDM for traction
  • Comes with a durometer of 60A
  • Absorbs the impact of running, walking, and movement

02. Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat


When you need durability in the first place, there's going to be merely a replacement for Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat. Made from solid tire crumb, this one is a synonym for durability and rigidity.

The materials used in it are rich in EPDM that makes it a perfect choice for a horse-stable. It can easily withstand the impact from the horse-hoof and resist the pressure over the surface as a true, durable floor should.

Ultra Violet rays

Another perk for the mat is that it can resist Ultra Violet rays to safeguard the environment. It doesn't trap the heat and UV that eventually would heat up the entire stable. So, you can expect a consistently cool and soothing environment.

Is it the rainy days you are worried about? Well, the good news is, it's not going to soak in water and present you with a damp floor during the heavy rains.


It's totally weather-resistant and doesn't act weird when the surrounding is damp and humid. You can tell from the ¾ inch thick gauge that the mat is going to be a rough one for the horse stall.

With sufficient traction and resistance, it provides great stability and excellent grip.

Anti-slip and anti-fatigue tile

Again, the thick cushion allows the mat the advantage of being anti-slip and anti-fatigue tile, which works pretty well to manage a lot of horses at the same time.

It's not going to rip off or get pulled out from its place.

  • Made from heavy-duty solid tire crumb
  • Components include high-quality EPDM
  • Protects the floor from UV and ozone
  • Recycled rubber is weather-resistant
  • The ¾-inch thickness provides excellent traction and grip

03. IncStores ⅜-inch Heavy DutyFlooring Rubber Rolls

Another heavyweight contender for the title of the best flooring for horse stalls is the IncStores ⅜-inch rubber rolls. Originally made for gym floors, this rubber roll flooring is actually a multipurpose one.

That means, if you're using it for any purpose, whether indoor or outdoor, it's going to perform equally on every occasion. 

Gym equipment

As it was meant to be withstanding the impacts of heavy gym equipment, it's no wonder that it can support horse weight and the pressure of their feet.

Its ⅜-inch thickness is perfect for a horse stall floor, and you can easily rely on it.

Optimum traction 

Also, it comes with optimum traction and resistance that makes it stick to the ground without skidding here and there.

This means if your horses are getting restless every now and then, the floor will support the movement of the hoof in a nice and efficient way.

Certified by FloorScore 

Moreover, there's no chance of the horse to slip off, either. Being certified by FloorScore, you can put your trust in this rubber to be toxin-free and healthy for your environment.

There's no harmful chemical used in it, and your horses aren’t going to smell anything artificial to make them uncomfortable.

The best part is, 

you can spill as much water as you want on the rubber mat, and it will still resist it. Your lower floor is not going to be submerged in water as the division this mat maintains is pretty useful.

  • The ⅜-inch thick rubber resists heavyweight items
  • Can be easily rolled out to install
  • Certified to be healthy by FloorScore
  • Water-resistant set up
  • Provides optimum traction and resistance

04. DWC Rubber Mat Flooring

There are very few flooring solutions that are actually dedicated to the best horse stall. DWC rubber mat is one of those rare productions.

This one is originally made for horse stables, hence made as exceptionally durable for such purpose.


Constructed from ultra-durable Grade-A rubber material, the mat is a perfect fit for horse-hoof, putting an enormous impact on it.

Even if horses are running on the floor with higher impact, it won't move a bit or drift apart from the assembly.

Made from rubber tires

The rubbers are originally made from durable rubber tires that means it's actually pretty tough in nature. Whether it is a rainy day or scorching hot noon, the floor is not going to get affected by any of it.

It's a complete weather-resistant construction that outperforms difficult environmental challenges.

Anti-slip design

Its ¾ inch thickness allows it to be stuck on the ground with strong traction. The anti-slip design is applicable for both the top and bottom surfaces of the mat.

That means it won't slip from its place, and it won't let the horse slip either.

How easy to install and setup?

This mat is practically one of the easiest and simplest ones to install and set up. All you need to do is just roll out the rubber mat on the floor and simply trim out the extra areas from the corners.

You can use a razor or box cutter for this purpose.

  • Made from ultra-durable Grade-A rubber
  • Construction includes recycled rubber tires
  • Each mat part weighs around 115 pounds
  • Thickness measures around ¾ inches
  • Shockproof and weather-resistant unit

05. FlexGard Animat Stall Mat

FlexGard has been producing top-quality animal stall mats for a long time now. Innovation, durability, and quality – these three are the core combination FlexGard promises to ensure in their stall mats.

The 3 by 4 feet black mat from FlexGard is a pretty unique one, we must say. You can tell it from the FlexGard branded high-quality rubber they have used in their mat.

Heady-duty rubber 

This heavy-duty rubber material is perfect for all weather conditions. No matter what part of the year it is, the mat is going to survive and last with optimum service.

You can rely on the unique Punter and Pebble top design that makes sure that the mat doesn't get slipped or damaged in any way.

Top design

This Punter and Pebble top design adds to the effectiveness of the traction of the mat to deliver a comfortable flooring solution for your animals.

It perfectly absorbs the shock and reduces muscle strain for the horses. What made us turn our heads is the insulation capacity of the mat against cold and damp conditions.

The Coolness in winter 

It will insulate the coolness in winter and also resist humidity to keep a damp-free, safe, and healthy environment for your horses. It can highly resemble a natural habitat for the animals.

How easy to clean?

One of the best perks of using this rubber solution is the reduced cost of cleaning and bedding. You can literally cut your cost to half when you choose this floor mat over other traditional options.

  • Rubber mat comes with 3 by 4 feet size
  • Made with high-quality FlexGard rubber
  • Designed with the unique Punter and Pebble top design
  • Suitable for all-weather conditions
  • Prevents damp condition and insulates the cold temperature

06. Greatmats Portable Interlocking Puzzle Pebble

And finally, we wrap our reviews up with the Greatmats portable puzzle mat. This one is a pretty unique one. It's not only going to meet your demand, but also it will add to the look of your horse stall.

The first thing you will notice on this mat is its puzzle-type formation. It's actually a combination of different parts of mats that are put together to format the entire floor cover.

Easy interlock

The puzzle ends interlock easily together to bond. Its pebble-top design acts especially as a non-slip agent, to prevent the animals from slipping. And it creates a good sense of traction on the surface so that the horse-hoof doesn't slip when the animal is briskly moving.

Having Eva foam tiles is a blessing for this floor mat. It can easily absorb liquid and moisture to keep the floor dry and healthy.

Urine or water supply 

So, you can worry less about the urine or water supply that gets spilled on the floor on a regular basis. The floor will soak it in and keep it dry and damp-free.

Being highly dense and thick, this rubber floor mat is quite durable and long-lasting in nature.

Animals pretty 

It can withstand heavy blows and impact from heavy animals pretty easily. Plus, once it gets dirty, it takes a simple damp mop to clean it up, just like any regular floor.

  • Lightweight interlocking rubber materials bond together
  • EVA foam tiles absorb moisture
  • Pebble top surface prevents slipping
  • Easy to clean with a regular mop
  • Highly dense structure for durability

07. Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Flooring and Rolling Mat

Why It Stands Out to Us?

This rubber flooring roll is perfect for anyone who wants to add warmth and comfort to an otherwise cold concrete floor. This offers a quick and easy way to add cushioning to the floor.

The flooring is of exceptional value and you would be hard pushed to find anything cheaper without compromising on quality.

Our Experience With It

You won't be able to find a quicker, easier, and better value floor covering easily. The flooring is easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife. It then needs to be stuck down to the floor using double-sided tape.

The flooring is exceptionally good quality. And should last for a very long time.

The rubber mat is 1/4" thick. This provides lots of cushioning underfoot and will be very comfortable to walk on or kneel on.

What we Didn't Like

This rubber floor covering is only available in rolls that are 4' wide. This is fine for smaller rooms, but if you are trying to cover a larger room then you will need to have a join somewhere in the room.

It would be better if this was available in larger widths to cover more area in one piece.

Who is it Great for?

This rubber floor covering is perfect for so many different uses where you might want to have a soft floor. It's ideal for use in a home gym, playroom, garage, or basement.

Basically, any room where you have a hard concrete floor, and you want to replace it with a softer floor covering.

What Could be Improved?

The manufactures should offer this in a wider roll. This would reduce the number of joints required to cover a large room.

It's likely only one width is offered to make shipping easier.


  1. Material: Recycled Rubber
  2. Thickness: 1/4" Thick
  3. Width: 4' Rolls
  4. Length: Available in several lengths 2' to 15' long
  • Easy to Install with a Knife and double-sided tape
  • Highly durable cushioned flooring
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Add Extra Comfort to Hard Concrete Flooring
  • Many uses - gyms, garages, playrooms, basements, and anywhere else
  • Must be Taped down otherwise the mat will curl up
  • Can only be put onto a hard flooring
  • Only available in 4' Wide Rolls

What to Consider before Purchasing the Best Flooring for Best Horse Stalls?

What to Consider before Purchasing the Best Flooring for Best Horse Stalls?

So if it's high time you replaced the old, traditional floor of your horse stall, you can simply switch to any of the reviewed mat here. But before you mark one as the top flooring for horse stalls, here are some of the decisive factors that you need to consider.

1. Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber for horse stalls

As you are probably going to get a rubber mat flooring for the stable, you better choose the healthy ones. By healthy rubber, we mean recycled versions.

The recycled rubber is simply a durable rubber with less possibility to emit harmful chemicals and residue.

This is crucial for the health of your animals as horses are not quite familiar with harmful artificial chemicals. It's better you keep them in a safe environment.

2. Anti-Slip Formation

Anti-Slip Formation for horse stalls

You know how rough the horse-hoof is. It's going to drag the floor along as the horse marches. So, you need to make sure that the floor surface comes with an anti-slip design to resist any kind of slipping.

On the other hand, the design beneath the mat should also be quite rigid and uneven so that it doesn't drift apart from the lockings while the horses run over it.

3. Impact-Resistance

Impact-Resistance for horse stalls

Horses are exceptionally heavy animals. Some horses may even outweigh heavyweight cows, too. So, the floor mat should be able to keep hold of the horse's weight.

Durable gym mats can be an excellent option for this purpose. This is because these mats are made to endure heavy impact from different gym equipment.

So, if the horses start jumping over the floor, the mats must make sure these are not getting torn apart from the blow.

4. Liquid Absorption

Liquid Absorption for flooring horse stalls

Horses will urinate every other minute. Plus, you may run some cleaning jobs and give water to the animals every hour. That means the surface is going to get wet and damp quite frequently.

If the floor doesn't absorb or soak the liquid inside, the entire surface will be damp and wet. It will eventually cause the horses to catch a cold and hamper healthy living in the stable.

So, make sure you're getting the floor mat that easily absorbs liquid spilled on the surface.

5. Thick Material 

Thick Material for flooring horse stalls

The rule of thumb here is that the thicker the material, the more durable it is. So, if the rubber mat is at least 3/4 -inch thick, you can easily rely on the durability and rigidity. It will make sure that it doesn't get damaged due to sudden and consistent impact.

Again, a thick floor mat will hardly move from its place, making the flooring system firmer and more constant.

6. Easy to Set Up 

Easy to Set Up for horse stalls flooring

A horse stall is not an easy surface to deal with. When you're installing an entire flooring system, it must be a day to remember.

So, you can keep that in mind and look for the mat that is relatively easier to roll out and set up.

7. Easy to Clean 

And finally, make sure you can clean the floor conveniently. It shouldn't be a matter of fighting tooth and nail.

If the cleaning part needs only a bit of regular cleaning, it's good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. How thick should horse stall mats be?

Answer: Ideally, a horse stall mat should be a three-quarter inch thick. This is because the thick material won't slip off from its position and can easily withstand heavy impact.

Q. How do I stop my stall mats from moving?

How do I stop my stall mats from moving?

Answer: If you can manage, simply switch to a heavier and thicker mat for the stall. And if that's not a possible solution, for the time being, you can apply gorilla stickers on the corners against the floor to make it stick to the ground.

Q. Are horse stall-mats toxic?

Answer: Unfortunately, most non-brand horse stall mats are made from unhealthy rubber materials that actually pose a threat to the horses' health.

But the ones that are made from recycled rubber are less health-threatening to animals.

Q. Can you drive on horse stall mats?

Can you drive on horse stall mats?

Answer: The stall mats are usually designed and made for horses that are around 1200-pound heavy. But driving a vehicle over the mat may not be a good idea as it will put more pressure on the mat than it can endure.

Q. Is the smell of rubber mats toxic?

Answer: If the rubber mat is new, the usual smell of it is not toxic. So, unless there are other reasons for the mat to be toxic, you can rest assured that it is only a harmless smell.

Final Words

Using the best flooring for horse stalls is imperative to keep the stall environment neat and clean. An excellent-quality floor mat will provide a solid grip, less mess, strong traction, and great impact and water-resistance.

So, try out one of the 6 flooring mats we have reviewed today for your horse stall now. If you've done it already, share your thoughts and experience with us!

We would love to hear from you!

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