Top 14 Best Food for Squirrels Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

So, how do you treat your backyard wildlife? Especially, those little cute squirrels!

They run so fast and look healthy right? If you enjoy seeing them playing around your backyard, treat them with the best squirrel foods. They’ll surely love it and become your true friends.

And you can enjoy that wildlife nature sitting in your backyard deck.

Today’s content is totally focused on those who care about squirrels. Our list of the 14 best food for squirrels will help you easily maintain their health and keep up that charming look.

It’s very important, you know…?

Cause the wild squirrels cannot digest all types of foods. For instance, cellulose is not good for them, which is the base root of most plant material. So they have to rely on foods that are higher in protein and carbohydrates and fats.

Fret not…we’ve already done the work for you. And hopefully, you might come up with the best one today. In this article, you’ll see some of the best foods that you can use to feed those little cute squirrels in your backyard.

Let’s get right into that!

Top 3 Best Squirrel Foods from 14 Choices

Our Top 14 Best Food for Squirrels Review

Squirrels are restless creatures that move all along the day. They need some nutritious foods which give them sufficient energy throughout the day.

Squirrels are fond of different kinds of nuts and fruits. But the interesting part is they are not choosy. You can almost feed them anything.

You will find a variety of squirrels in your backyard, including black squirrels, ground squirrels, red squirrels, striped squirrels and more. They all have the same food pattern. Don’t worry; we will assist you in picking the best one.

01. Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend

Kaytee is one of the most prominent brands for the animal food industry. They have been operating their business for more than 150 years. Kaytee always emphasizes on quality and nutrition. They don’t consider anything which hampers their product quality.

A complete package

Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend is a complete package for Squirrels, birds, chipmunks and other backyard critters. This is a healthy mix of corn, seeds and nuts.

As this product was first available on the market in 2004 and they continued till today. Kaytee has excellent feedback regarding this product. The right mixture of food is always important, whether it is for human or animal.

Perfect mixture of healthy and nutritious

Kaytee Squirrel and Critter Blend is an excellent example of a healthy and nutritious mixture. As we see, squirrels are fond of any kind of nuts, but an excessive amount of nuts could be harmful to their health.

Another interesting fact about this product is it adds an artificial apple flavor that might keep squirrels and wild birds back to your backyard again.

Wildlife animals around you?

If you have some wildlife animals around your backyard, then it is a great idea to let them have some food like Kaytee Squirrel blend. You will notice the change after a day or two.

Undoubtedly, wild birds and animals like squirrels, chipmunks and others like to have this type of healthy food.

Our recommendations

This food is especially good for squirrels, but it is also recommendable for other wildlife animals too.

Lastly, I want to mention this could be one of the best options for you to attract wildlife animal though, you should not feed them too much. When you feed them excessively, it will make squirrels dependent on you.

So be careful here.

  • It contains healthy corn and seeds
  • The right mixture of ingredients
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Especially useful for squirrels, but you can feed other wild birds too.
  • The unique apple flavor is added

02. Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend Wild Bird Seed

Pennington has been working sincerely for the last long 60 years in this arena. They are trustworthy and ensure food quality.

Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend is especially recommended for squirrels as well as considerable for deer, geese, turkeys, pheasants etc. This 10-pound bag contains so much energy and nutrition.

Main ingredients

This package's main ingredients are corn, whole peanuts, striped sunflower, black oil sunflower, etc. If you want to keep squirrels and other wildlife animals away from the bird feeder, go and add this product to your cart.

One thing that makes the big difference for this product is that it contains Bird-kote made of vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement and vegetable oil. Therefore this package comes at an incredible price.

A bit chewy than others

You could find the peanuts a bit chewy than others. Squirrels and chipmunks always like to have some whole peanut and tasty sunflower seeds. Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend provides the right amount of corn. That gives sufficient calories, which helps them to stay energetic all along the day.

One more thing about this product is it is totally compatible with squirrels feeders and tray feeders. No hustle, you can put on the ground too..

Perfect for balance diet

For Balance diet and enriched vitamins, Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend is one of the best options on the market right now.

  • Keeps squirrels and other wildlife animals away from bird feeders
  • Contains the right amount of corns, peanuts and other seeds
  • Famous for containing Bird-kote
  • Compatible with any feeder
  • A balanced diet with incredibly enriched vitamins

03. Wakefield Virginia Peanuts

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Wakefield peanut company is well known for its quality peanut for long. They have started their journey in 1965. They produce the best peanut in the world because they pick the best farmers and seeds on earth.

Wakefield Virginia Peanuts are healthy and highly energetic. This is incredibly good for your backyard animals post-run or at the end of a hectic day.

Cholesterol free

Peanuts are a great source of fatty acid. Therefore, most importantly, they do not contain cholesterol. Moreover, they contain healthy fiber, protein, vitamin B and essential minerals.

Peanuts are called the ‘Health Nut,’ and it is highly accepted food to the wildlife animals. The raw form of peanuts is still one of the hygienic foods available on earth.

An excessive amount

But be careful about the amount they consume daily. An excessive amount of peanut (which provides fatty acid) could be harmful to them. You must feed them with some fruits and veggies too.

You can attract other animals like raccoons, geese, ducks, deer, and more with squirrels. Birds are also fond of peanuts. Peanuts are a very popular treat for birds like cardinals, ravens, blue jays, parrots, doves etc.

What do large birds love?

Large birds love to take the whole peanut where small birds do the opposite; they take and break it into pieces. Hence, you can either feed them in a feeder or simply put peanuts on the ground.

Another interesting part of this Wakefield Virginia Peanuts is humans can also consume this peanut. But you have to boil it properly before you consume it.

It is totally safe for humans.

Before buying this product, the last tip for keeping this product fresh and effective; store it below 60 F (and for extended storage keep 40 F or below).

  • Contains no cholesterol
  • Excellent source of fatty acid and protein
  • Attracts birds and other wildlife animals
  • Raw and uncooked peanuts
  • Humans can consume only after boiling or roasting

04. Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food

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This product comes from the renowned food producing company Global Harvest Foods. They have been making food for animals since 1982. This American family-based company brings some significant changes in the animal food industry.

There is a proverb, ‘you get what you pay for.’ This is so true. Many of us look for different seeds and nuts just to save a small amount of money.

Wildlife animals are not choosy

But at the end of the day, they fall apart with cracked corn or broken nuts. As I mentioned earlier, squirrels and other wildlife animals are not choosy, but they love to have some clean and fresh food.

This Critter Crunch Food package from Global Harvest Foods seems a bit costly, but indeed they are not. You will find the difference after feeding them once.

Perfect mixture of corn

Squirrels and other wildlife animals like rabbits, quail, woodpeckers and jays love it so much. Audubon Park contains a good mixture of corn, sunflower seeds, whole peanuts and peanuts. But I want to warn for one thing.

This particular brand contains more corn than any other brand on the market. If your backyard animals do not like to eat corn much, then you can avoid it.

Use on a platform or table

You can use it on a platform or table feeder. Some birds like a pigeon and blue jays like this mixture because of the corn amount it provides. Pet owners love it because it keeps squirrels or rabbits away from birds feeder.

One tip before buying, store it with a tight and air-free container. Keep it in a dry and colder place.

  • A high-quality food mixture
  • Manufactured in America
  • Contains a significant amount of corns
  • It has a slight dill smell
  • Especially good for squirrels

05. C&S Sweet Corn Squirrelog Refill Pack

Squirrelog Refill Pack from Jensen Distributing is popular among households who love to feed backyard animals like squirrels, deers, rabbits and more. It is highly consumable and digestible for wildlife animals.

This product was first available in 2004. Since then, it continues to impress us.

Main ingredients

The main ingredient of this pack is sweet corn flour. It is easy to use and more economical than others. Squirrelog has an easy refill system. It weighs 32-ounce.

One thing about this product is it smells a bit different than other best squirrel food packs. So, initially, you could have some trouble to feed squirrels or deer this item.

But surely they will love it after a while.

Are you facing a problem!

If you are facing a problem that squirrels are too fond of the bird feeder, you can pick this product up. I know someone who was severely struggling with this problem, and this squirrelog solved the problem. Squirrels like logs more than the bird feeders.

Gardening is challenging when you have squirrels in your backyard. This is a bit harsh but true. Don’t worry; Squirrelog could be an excellent solution to this problem.

Long lasting than corn 

It lasts longer than corn because it has no rotting issue. Put Squirrelog in your backyard, and let’s have a squirrel party.

Some pet lovers

We found some pet lovers who are too busy with their works love this product, especially. Peanuts and corn cobs take time to feed and to clean up.

But this Sweet Corn Squirrelog Refill Pack is compatible without any inconvenience.

  • Convenient for busy pet owners
  • Favorite among squirrels
  • Saves gardens and bird feeds
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Replaces 12-21 ears of corn

06. Pennington Ear Corn on Cob Squirrel Food

This product is from the giant Central Garden & Pet. Central Garden & Pet has many brands; Pennington is one of them. Pennington is a renowned brand of animal and bird food.

Pennington Ear Corn on Cob Squirrel Food is like a buffet for squirrels. This is corn on a Cob. This package is not only liked by squirrels but also chipmunks and ducks.

Squirrels and wildlife animals like it

The main reason squirrels and other wildlife animals like this product is that it provides long, intact ears of corn. You will find, on average, six inches each ear of corn. In every bag, you will have approximately fifteen to twenty ears of corn.

Pennington Squirrel Food is widely accepted all over the world. They are very much concerned about their quality of food and smart packaging.

An exciting feature

Another exciting feature of this package is you can serve it with a variety of squirrel corn feeders. And you can also store it for more than a year. Try to get this food in bulk and save some.

Some people used call it to squirrel cocaine. Squirrels don’t bother the bird feeders after having this pack once. They can’t get enough of this corn. This is amazing. Tell me one thing.

Do you love fat squirrels? 

Then just pick this up. Squirrels love to go through multiple ears a day if you afford and allow them to have. Pennington ear corn is a must if you want fat squirrels around your backyard.

Finally, I recommend this product for its overall quality and decent price.

  • Great food value
  • Affordable price
  • Keep wildlife animals away from bird feeders
  • Intact long ears of corn
  • Can be adjusted with a variety of feeders

07. C & S Products Sweet Corn Squirrelog

This is one of the most admired and liked products in the animal food industry. It is popular among squirrels and pet owners because it smells good and is full of nutrition.

This product is totally manufactured in the USA. Overall, food quality and taste it provides is simply amazing. It was first available in 2011. From then to today, it retains its position in the market.

Consumable for wildlife animals

C & S Products Sweet Corn Squirrelog is consumable for all kinds of wildlife animals. It has no age range restriction too. It is okay with all the life stages.

It is available with two flavors; seafood and milk. If your squirrels are not familiar with these types of flavors, they might ignore it initially. But don’t worry; eventually, they will be going to like it.

At the initial stage of feeding Sweet Corn Squirrelog, you can attach some fruits or whole nuts with it. It will help squirrels to get familiar with Squirrelog more quickly.

100% edible log

This Squirrelog is a 100 percent edible log. It contains sweet corn and roasted peanut. As it is exceptionally good for squirrels, it is also recommendable for birds as well.

One interesting thing you might notice is that the squirrels will alert for replacement as long as the meal is finished.

Small animals like it

Maximum small wildlife animals like this food. Some of them are red squirrels, fox squirrels, striped squirrels, rabbits, duck, skunks and more. Only chipmunks don’t like this food.

One last thing to consider before making the final purchase decision; this product may contain some allergens like shellfish, soy fish, milk, and tree nuts.

You will get 12 to 24 ears of corn in one squirrelog.

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Consumable in all life stages; no age restriction
  • Every wildlife animal likes it except chipmunks
  • Two flavors; seafood and milk

08. Henry's Hi-Protein Blocks

This is probably the healthiest product for squirrels on the market. This product is from Henry's Healthy Pet Foods. This product was first available in 2011.

Henry's Hi-Protein Blocks doesn't use any kind of chemicals or flavors. This is totally natural. If you have a baby squirrel, then give her a healthy diet with Henry's Hi-Protein Blocks.


This is a preservative-free product. So it will not go good if you leave it out for too long. Check the mold if it gets old and not frozen.

As no flavor and filter are used with this product, it is odorless. Once you make your backyard animals familiar with this product, they will surely love it.

For a healthy and nutritious meal, 

Henry will come among the market leaders without any doubt. If you want these natural protein blocks to be mixed with fruits and veggies, put all these together in the squirrel feeder.

The squirrels are going to have a healthy meal for sure.

As it is too healthy and nutritious, 

it is enough to feed them 1-2 a day per squirrel. You may notice that some older squirrels are a little leery about other food but too excited about this one.

This is actually a revolution in the wildlife animal food industry.

Do you face any issue?

Lastly, if you have any issue with your squirrels daily food routine, just go and pick this up. At present, this is one of the best food for squirrels on the market.

I know some owners who were suffering to get rid of their squirrels away from peanuts and seeds.

This product did the trick for them.

  • Healthy and balanced nutrition
  • No preservative
  • No flavor added
  • It does not last too long outside. It must be stored in the freezer.
  • Made in the USA
  • No color, soy or fillers

09. Cands Products CS611 Sweet Corn Squirrelog Refill

This product is from the giant company C&S. It is made in America. C&S operates its business since 1918.

Sweet corn squirrelog refill made of sweet corn flour, peanuts and pecans. As this product is from the great company C&S, they always try to ensure the best quality peanuts and seeds available on the market.

An unique feature

One unique feature they provide is they combined the finest fruits, seeds and nuts in this package. This combination is rare and exceptional, obviously.

As this product first arrived in the market in 2013, there is no product till today who can beat this package in terms of combination.

Before they launch this product, 

it was approved by a group of researchers, and the acceptance they got was overwhelming. This product can help you to reshape the squirrel’s food habit. It helps to increase food consumption verily.

This squirrelog is 100 percent consumable and has no age restriction. One log replaces 12-24 ears of corn. You can almost use all the feeders available on the market. So don’t get worried about the feeder.

The desired relief and free time

This product will give you the desired relief and free time. You don’t need to ask squirrels always to have some food. Squirrels will love it, and they will be occupied for long stretches.

Consider it before

Another thing to consider before buying this product is mainly for squirrels. If you have other wildlife animals in your backyard, they may dislike this product.

  • A great mixture of healthy ingredients
  • No age restriction (100 percent consumable)
  • Birds also love this product
  • Cleaner and last longer
  • A unique combination of fruits, corn and seeds

10. Backyard Seeds Shelled Peanut Pickouts

Backyard seeds comes with premium quality shelled peanuts. They started their journey back in 2017. Since they started their journey in this arena, they create a remarkable position of their brand.

This product is special because it is waste-free. No peanut skins are there in the package. All you need to do is open the package and put it into the feeder. No hustle, no waste of time.

Our recommendations

Backyard seeds shelled peanut is highly energetic food. It is recommendable for squirrels, ducks and various kinds of birds. You will notice various birds in your backyard, including wood keepers, titmice, jays, etc.

As it is rich in protein and calories, this eventually helps a lot to grow healthy and energetic for wildlife animals.

Odorless and chemical-free

It is an odorless and chemical-free product. No salt or flavor is added. You would have some birds who love to eat roasted peanuts; you can roast lightly for them. You can even try to mix some sunflower or safflower seeds with it. This could be more healthy and tasty for wildlife creatures.

This product is totally manufactured and packed in the USA. The peanut quality of this product is simply superb. You can have 10lbs to 50lbs packs.

Various kinds of animals

If you love to have various kinds of wildlife animals in your backyard, then this could be one of the best options for sure. Apart from attracting squirrels and chipmunks, it attracts almost every bird and ducks.

As it is broken, birds can easily handle it.

Tremendous quality

Lastly, along with its tremendous quality, this package comes with a decent price. You will not find any shells neither any ‘paper skins’ in the packet. And, the heavy resealable bag makes it quite competent for putting in the freezer.

  • Unsalted raw peanuts
  • Convenient resealable bag
  • 100% edible and protein-rich feed
  • Rich in oil and fat
  • High in calories which promotes a good health

11. Volkman Seed Small Animal Squirrel Gourmet Mix

Volkman brought this excellent animal gourmet mix in 2016. They are healthy and tasty. Squirrels and other wildlife animals love this product thoroughly.

This product is a mix of small sunflower seeds, corn and various types of nuts. The presence of corn is more than other ingredients. Squirrels love to eat corn.

Do you like fat squirrels?

If you want to get your squirrels fat and big, then this could be one of the great options available. This product is nothing fancy to be very frank, but this is absolutely reasonably priced and healthy for your backyard wildlife animals.

All of its ingredients are not from the USA but blended and packaged in California. As Volkman is very concerned about the quality, they sourced it from various countries like Belgium and others.

An interesting thing

One interesting thing that I want to share with you from my vault. As this product offers a variety of nuts like hazelnuts, cashews and more if you have some pets having food together, they will have a healthy competition to get the good stuff first.

Especially if you allow birds and squirrels together, needless to say, you will enjoy the scenario.

High-quality assortment

Volkman gourmet wins its customers’ minds by providing quality food with its high-quality assortment. It even comes with a nice sturdy bag.

Some say squirrels and chipmunks lose their minds over this stuff.

A tip for the final decision

One more tip before taking the final purchase decision is that if your backyards pets don’t love to eat corn, consider buying it with a small scale and mix it with some fruits and veggies or whatever they love to eat.

  • Premium Dickenson pumpkin seed
  • A mix of healthy seeds and nuts
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Birds and other wildlife animals also love this product
  • Has a tremendous nutritious value

12. Kaytee Backyard Wildlife Feed Corn, Millet, Milo, Oats, Striped Sunflower

Kaytee is one of the most popular brands in the animal food industry. They have been operating their business for more than 150 years.

Kaytee always emphasizes on quality and nutrition. They don't look for anything which hampers their product quality. This product was first available in 2001.

It's not for squirrels only

Kaytee backyard wildlife pack is not only for squirrels, but it also attracts several small animals in your backyard. For example, chipmunks, rabbits etc.

This product contains a variety of seeds, nuts, corn etc. Some of the ingredients are oats, cracked corn, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, black oil sunflower, toasted corn flakes etc.

Preservatives and vitamins

It contains preservatives and some vitamins too. It is 11% crude protein. It has no specific taste, and it is not salted. There is no specific age restriction as well.

Once you introduce this product with your backyard pets, they will do just about anything to have it. Along with squirrels and wild rabbits, some birds like this pack so much.

Various kinds of nuts and corn

As squirrels love to eat various kinds of nuts and corn, Kaytee's backyard wildlife pack provides so. Every time you put out this meal in your backyard and witness some rare healthy competitions among your backyard pets.

Kaytee backyard animal foods are excellent because they assort them well.

Perfect packaging and mixing

Smart packaging and great mixing make them one of the most prominent wildlife food manufacturers in the world.

One more thing, this product is recommendable for birds but only for outdoor birds. Don't dare to buy this for indoor birds; it will simply be a waste of money.

  • Supplements natural diet
  • A special blend of favorite squirrel food
  • Attract a wide variety of small wild animals
  • Good assortments
  • It contains preservatives and vitamins

13. Wild Delight Corn on The Cob


Wild Delight is an emerging company in the wildlife animal food industry. They offer some unique features and advanced quality food.

Verily, this product is different from other packages. It contains more vitamins than others. From vitamin A to vitamin B12, magnesium, thiamine etc. are included in this product.

Fresh and nutritious food

As we look for fresh and nutritious food for our pets, this product offers an excellent combination of some healthy ingredients. It contains a premium corns on the cob.

In a 20lbs bag, you can have almost 12 to 20 ears of corn.

The cobs are full of corn

Most of the cobs in this product are full of corn. Squirrels are always fascinated with corn. But feeding too much corn a day is not advised for squirrels. Consuming excessive corn can cause obesity and diabetes.

You can hang this product from bungee to hang squirrels in your backyard! Squirrels and rabbits are just fond of this product. You will see squirrels are jumping to grab the corn; this is really amazing to see.

How to prevent other animals away?

This Wild Delight Corn will help you to get squirrels and other small backyard animals away from bird feeders to a degree. You can hang it to different places along your fences so that it will be the first food they will come across.

Birds are not usually interested in this product except the blue jays. They also love this product.

Before you make the final decision, 

I want to warn you about a thing. You may find some kernels fall off in the bag. This is unavoidable. You may throw the loose kernels out and make it easy for the critters.

  • Great food value
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Resealable bag
  • Vitamin enriched food
  • Keep squirrels away from bird feeders

14. Chuckanut Products 00067 20-Pound Backyard Wildlife Diet

Our last product is from Natures nuts. This product could be the ultimate solution for your squirrels and other backyard animals.

This is gourmet food blend can satisfy all of your backyard animals. This is a healthy mixture of pumpkin seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and corn and sunflower seeds.

As you know already, 

squirrels love to eat peanuts and corn, but excessive amounts are not good for them. In this package, Natures nuts tried to maintain a good ratio of peanuts and corn.

I know some pet owners who complain about the number of peanuts and corns it provides, but this is not valid anyway.

The peanuts are not roasted. 

They are raw and salted neither. Raw peanuts are more nutritious and healthy for squirrels and other wildlife animals.

When you roast them, it will take a part of the nutrition out of the peanuts. But in case, some birds cannot eat raw and whole peanuts. You can roast peanuts lightly and broke them into smaller pieces.

A bit expensive

The only thing is that it is a bit expensive and it goes fast. It is mostly ‘you get what you pay for.’ As this product is full of nuts and corn, squirrels gobble up.

You will enjoy healthy competition among the squirrels and other backyard animals.

Considerable for animals

Most importantly, this food is considerable for almost every small backyard animal, including birds. Especially the blue jays are totally fascinated by this product. By far, this is one of the most diverse products in the market.

  • Along with squirrels birds love this product
  • This is nutritious and crunchy as well
  • No small seed
  • A rare mix of a variety of healthy ingredients
  • Peanuts are in the shell

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

 (Squirrel Favorite Food)

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

The wild squirrels cannot digest cellulose very well, which is the base root of most plant material. So they have to rely on foods that are higher in protein and carbohydrates and fats.

Primarily, squirrels like to feast on nuts, grains and fruits. Sometimes fungal things like mushrooms and fungi they eat. But they don't eat meat.

However, squirrels have been known to eat meat in severe starvation situations. When there's no food available, these squirrels have small little incisors that they use to tear off food or vegetation.

And then they chew with their molars and so they probably preliminary are going to feed on nuts grains. They obviously take some seeds and fruits, but they are primarily vegetarians.

1. Nuts

Nuts are the most favorite food for squirrels

Nuts are the most favorite food for squirrels, no doubt. They love it, especially when nuts are with their shells and unsalted. Raw nuts are healthy and liked by most of the squirrels.

Various kinds of nuts there are including hazelnuts, peanuts etc. The raw whole nuts are a great source of protein for squirrels and wildlife animals.

2. Fruits

Fruits are always healthy for both humans and wildlife animals

Fruits are always healthy for both humans and wildlife animals. As they love to eat peanuts and corn very much, you should not allow them to have it unlimited.

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Anyone who grows his garden will tell you how much a squirrel loves fruits. Among fruits, they mostly enjoy having apples, bananas, grapes and watermelons.

Squirrels are not very demanding, which means they are not picky eaters. They eat in their way. They almost eat every type of fruit and vegetables. They even eat small snakes and insects.

If you have too many squirrels around your garden, then it becomes tough to grow fruits and vegetables undoubtedly. A squirrel need about a pound of food per week to survive.

3. Seeds

There are a number of seeds that squirrels like much.

There are a number of seeds that squirrels like much. From pumpkin seeds to sunflower, safflower and other large seeds, squirrels are fond of it.

Seeds provide a great amount of energy to squirrels. But if squirrels are only living on these seeds, it may lack calcium in their diet.

4. Vegetables

For a healthy diet, there is no other option than vegetables

For a healthy diet, there is no other option than vegetables. This is the most crucial part of a balanced diet for your lovely pet after seeds and peanuts.

After fruits, vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals.

5. Supplements

Some flying squirrels need supplements like vitamin D-3 and calcium. But supplements are not recommended for all of them.

If they don’t get the proper vitamin and protein, then you can add supplements.

6. Water

For a healthy diet, squirrels need a lot of water.

For a healthy diet, squirrels need a lot of water. You can use any fresh water source, or if you have a birdbath, it will be sufficient. But consider not putting it too close to your house. Besides these significant items, squirrels eat insects, legumes etc.

You know squirrels are fond of food. They almost eat anything, including hamburgers, cheese, French fries etc. But any type of fast food can disrupt their digestive system.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing  the Perfect Squirrel Foods

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Perfect Squirrel Foods

Squirrels love to eat nuts and corn; this is true. They enjoy eating nuts and corn, but this is not the case all the time.

If you want to maintain a proper diet for your squirrels, you must look for some veggies and fruits. I have listed some products above, which all carry some distinctive features and food value.

Some are good for baby squirrels; some are for old ones. So take time and choose the best product for your squirrels.

1. Balance diet

Interestingly feeding squirrels is illegal to some states and municipals

Having excessive corn makes squirrels fat and even causes for diabetes. You should heavily focus on a balanced diet that means a mixture of healthy ingredients.

When people interact with squirrels and try to attract them, then some changes occurred to their diet. Sometimes excessive care to wildlife animals causes latent harm to them.

They get too dependent on humans and lose their own individualism. Interestingly feeding squirrels is illegal to some states and municipals.

2. Plant based food

Squirrels eat some plants

Squirrels eat some plants. A large portion of their diet is based on fruits and vegetables. Some squirrels even enjoy eating insects like small mammals, amphibians, bird eggs etc. Along with plants and fruits, you can allow them to have some nuts and corn.

3. Healthy seeds

Squirrels enjoy different kinds of seeds

Still, natural protein blocks suit best for them. You can feed them unroasted peanuts with some fruits or veggies. Or, you can go for a healthy food mix.

Squirrels enjoy different kinds of seeds, tree buds and flowers from various kinds of trees, including butternut, cedar, elm, dogwood, hemlock etc. Mushrooms and fungi are also listed on their favorite list.

FAQs about the Squirrel Foods

FAQs about the Squirrel Foods

Q. What else can I feed my squirrels?

Answer: Actually, a whole variety of things you can feed. Peanuts and corns are pretty standard, you know. Nevertheless, squirrels are just fond of these two items. Besides peanuts and corn, some unorthodox food items make squirrels happy and might bring back to your backyard.

You can feed them apples and grapes. But the funny thing to get them to eat is watermelon.

What else can I feed my squirrels?

Another thing you probably would not think about it, yes, it is Broccoli. Squirrels love Broccoli. So get some extra broccoli or a stalk of it, and you can put it out there.

I usually put in on the little corn cob picnic table and watch them enjoy it. Raccoons enjoy Broccoli too.

Q. How do squirrels find their nuts? 

Answer: It is the start time for one creature to get busy, that is the squirrel. Squirrels don't hibernate, so they need to find then hide nuts to feed themselves through the cold winter.

Squirrels can be found everywhere, from deserts to tropical rainforests and in woods across America.

How many nuts the squirrel bury up per year?

How many nuts the squirrel bury up per year?

Incredibly a single squirrel can bury up to ten thousand nuts each year. With no squirrel GPS and no access to mark the spot, they find all these nuts again after months later. It seems an impossible task. How do squirrels do this? They don't just sniff the nuts out.

Squirrels are actually using a lot more memory than smell when finding their own buried nuts. They remember the locations of up to10, 000 nuts. I couldn't even remember where my car keys were this morning.

So how do they do it? 

It turns out they use a kind of memory map. We use landmarks to help us find our way well. Squirrels do the same. They actually remember where they are and build spatial maps that include landmarks of things around them.

It is like on top of that tree stump beside that bush. So squirrels do have a kind of nut GPS. It's just in their heads.

Q. Do squirrels like peanut butter?

Answer: Yes, squirrels like peanut butter and stuff like that. They enjoy eating anything made of peanuts.

Q. How do I keep squirrels away from eating my bird seeds?

Answer: As you want to protect your bird food from squirrels, you must know what squirrels enjoy and don't. If you can manage to feed them with their favorite food, they will not look for your bird seeds.

So, the most effective and straightforward solution is to find the best squirrel food. Earlier, I have reviewed some products which help you to keep squirrels away from your bird seeds.

Q. Is it safe to feed squirrels?

Is it safe to feed squirrels?

Answer: Yes, It is safe to feed them. Nevertheless, squirrels are a wild animal. When you refill the feeder, they might get excited and jump on you. So be careful as much as you can; thus, they are not aggressive or attacking.

Final words

So this is all from me today. I have tried my best to introduce you to the best food for squirrels and let you know the differences among them.

One more thing to remember, squirrels are wild animals. Your intensive care can make them dependent on you. So if you feed them any of these items, make sure you limit that.

And of course, a lot of people wonder if it is even safe to feed them. I recommend you feed them indirectly, and please do not consider hand feed.

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