Top 7 Best Owl Calls Of 2022 (REVIEWED AND GUIDED)

Do you have owls in your backyard? If not, you are missing out!

These raptors are not only among the most unique animals to behold. They are also natural masters in fighting those stubborn pests and rodents that you have been trying to eliminate using harmful pesticides.

Forget all those myths you have heard about owls being bad luck. The reality is that owls are no more harmful than you breaking a mirror or seeing a black cat crossing a road!

While owls are a worthy catch, most people find it difficult to lure them into their compound. Unlike the majority of birds, these raptors are carnivorous and nocturnal.

However, if you have the best owl call, winning over owls will feel like child’s play.

The challenge, however, remains. With so many owl call options to choose from, how do you cut through the noise and find a suitable product?

No worry. We have outlined 7 top-rated seven owl calls based on several factors; including top customer reviews, ease of use, functionality, and flexibility. Take a look!

Comparison Table Of The Best Owl Calls

What Things to Consider before Purchasing One of The Best Owl Calls?

Some owl calls come with very fragile wood, which can easily break in case of a fall

With all the exclusive perks that you gain from keeping owls in your backyard, how do you decide on the type of owl call that will be most suitable for you? What factors should you consider before and when shopping for an owl call? Let us discuss the issues that you need to put into consideration.

01. Types of owls near you

Did you know that there exist about 250 species of owls, and most of them make very distinct sounds? As discussed earlier, for instance, the barred owls are predominant in eastern North America among other areas.  

On the contrary, the barn species are widespread globally but scarce in deserts and Polar Regions.

In the same way, owl calls differ.

Some make distinct sounds specific to a particular owl species while others do not.

The Primos Hoot Flute Call, for example, is perfect for attracting barred and horned owls. Owl calls with a raspy sound can work best for barn owls.

It is, therefore, critical to know which owls are predominant in your area of residence or travel to purchase a suitable owl call.

How to identify owls that live near you?

There are a few approaches you can use to identify owls that live near you. These include;

A. Carrying out online research

Several websites specialize in everything owls or birds where you can obtain valuable information on owl species and their locations.

The Owl Research Institute, for example, has published an Owl Species ID guide for all owls that are present in the US and Canada.

Several websites specialize in everything owls or birds where you can obtain valuable information on owl species and their locations

Their guide details the various types of owls as well as their features, behaviors, habitats, and videos with recorded call sounds.

You can also visit the All about Birds website to find out where diverse species of owl are concentrated.

B. Listen for owl calls

Once you familiarize yourself with the different types of owls and their clear-cut owl calls, visit the woods and pay attention to the sounds that owls are making.

Identify them using the sounds indicated in the various websites so that you can buy the appropriate owl call.

Owls are nocturnal, so you are more likely to catch them very early at dawn or at dusk.

C. Consult your local wildlife guru

Local experts such as zoo managers or heads of biology departments in nearby lead universities can offer valuable information on the kinds of owl species you can find in that area.

D. An owl call’s tonal variation and reach

When choosing an owl call, consider flexible owl calls that can produce sounds of varying tones. The more extensive the tonal range, the better.

Owls have hypersensitive. 

They can tell between male and females sounds and will doubtless ignore overly repetitive sounds. Tonal variation helps you to achieve the flexibility to make different sounds, which can also help you attract more owl species.

While shopping for an owl call, 

you should also think about the volume quality. Some owl calls do not produce sounds that are audible enough to attract far away birds.

02. Durability

What Things to Consider before Purchasing One of The Best Owl Calls?

Some owl calls come with very fragile wood, which can easily break in case of a fall. You, therefore, need to exercise additional care when handling such calls. Others, such as the Flextone, have spring material that is much more durable.

Another indicator of durability you should look out for when shopping for a call is its ability to withstand harsh weather and rugged environments.

The Power owl call from Primos, for example, is very sturdy for use in harsh surroundings.

03. Cost

Owl calls are generally not pricey. You can get an owl call for less than $10, while others sell for as much as $30.  A less expensive call may have lesser features. Nevertheless, most are still capable of getting some owls coming your way.

Reed calls vs Hoot calls

Reed calls are likely to be pricier than hoot calls because they provide much more variation in the sounds that you can make, allowing you to attract many species of the barred owls.

When budgeting for an owl call, consider the shipping costs as well. Some retailers offer free shipping while others charge for shipping based on the weight of the owl call and the distance covered. Lighter owl calls attract lower shipping costs.

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04. Design and ease of use

Depending on your level of experience with owl call, you need to put in mind ease of use of an owl call when before you buy

Depending on your level of experience with owl call, you need to put in mind ease of use of an owl call when before you buy. An owl call should also have a simple-to-hold.

Generally, there are two categories of owl calls. One is the hoot tube barrel, and the other is the reed call.

For beginners, hoot tube calls are much easier to use. It consists of a small can tube with a hole located at its side. Wind passes through the hole when you blow into the mouthpiece, producing an owl sound. Tube calls can also come with several holes for volume and tone variation.

The reed call is a little bit complex compared to the hoot call. It is best for professionals who are well acquainted with owl call use. Not to say that you cannot buy it if you are willing to learn!

Reed calls are adaptable normally 

Reed calls are more adaptable in terms of the range of sounds that they can produce. When you need to switch between soft, loud, and high vocalizations, a reed call is a superb investment.

Follow this guide to learn how to work with a reeded owl call.

05. Authenticity

For you to attract owls, you must be making sounds that are as real as possible. A Superior owl calls such as the hooting call from Primos helps you to produce authentic calls that can mimic the barred and horned birds.

Before you buy an owl call, go through some reviews to ascertain the quality of sound that it produces and whether it works.

Our Top 7 Best Owl Calls Review

01. Primos Hoot Flute Call

We kick start our review with the Primos hoot flute from Primos. As long as there are owls in your area, you can trust this quality flute to elicit a response.

The owl call guarantees flexibility. Built with three holes for sound tuning, you can produce up to eight varying tonality and rhythm.

Do you reside in the woodlands?

Do you reside in the woodlands of eastern North America, Alaska, or Southern Canada; the home of many barred owls? Or maybe you live in North and South America which have numerous horned owls. Either way, the Primos flute is suited to attract these two types of birds.

This flute call produces distinct pitches of the barred and horned owls. The barred owl is known for the ‘who cooks for you, who cooks for you all’ sound.

Super aggressive owls 

These owls are super aggressive, hunting animals such as snakes, chicken, and rabbits.

Call volume may not be among this hoot call’s strengths. Nevertheless, you can locate owls within a couple of hundred yards away.

TIP: While the manufacturer guidelines have instructions on the best sound to attract owls, they are inexhaustive. You can learn more hacks to create diverse sounds that get you more owls. 
One way is to head to listen to concise owl cries in the woods and try to imitate them. Alternatively, check YouTube videos for authentic sound ideas.
Highlighted features:
  • 3 holes for sound tuning.
  • Produces up to eight sound variations.
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces.
  • It can produce concise barred and horned owl calls.
  • Made using superior material that can survive harsh environments.

2. Hunters Specialties H.S. STRUT the Hooter Owl Locator Calls

Have you been searching for a simple owl call that even your children can crack? While most owl calls are a bit complex with a steep learning curve, not the STRUT Hooter Owl from the Hunters Specialists.

Amateurs and kids alike will find the owl call undemanding and owl calling easy. Finally, ‘talking back’ to those raptor birds can be a daily fun activity for all, not just professionals.

Apart from having a very decent volume level, 

It also sounds authentic. You will be surprised at how fast you will attract owls to your compound. With such a real and audible voice, you will also allure a modest number of owls and keep them in your compound.

The owl call gives you many options to call the barred owls close to where you live. It makes excellent sounds that you can vary by manipulating its two ports to produce multiple varied sounds and rhythms. For every call, you will produce consistent and authentic sounds.

Even with such a combination of attractive features, 

the H.S locator call still manages to retail at a pocket-friendly price. This family owl call is also easy to carry around as it weighs only 4 ounces.

Highlighted features
  • Easy to use even for amateurs and kids.
  • Two outlets for tonal variation.
  • Produces loud and authentic calls.

3. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Mega Hoot Owl Call

Are you in pursuit of an owl call that you can use regardless of where you are? If so, we recommend the Mega H.S hoot call. It is also a superb choice when you want value at a very affordable price.

The topmost feature that distinguishes this owl call is its raspy sound. This bran owl produces this same sound. The sound is indubitably different from that of the horned and barred owls.

Barn owls distributed globally, 

except in some places such as Polar Regions and deserts. You can make sounds that can attract barred owls as well.

The Mega hoot call, however, can be quite challenging in terms of learning how to operate it. Moreover, you need to handle it with care as a fall could easily cause breakage.

The H.S Mega hoot call is also cut out for long-range calling. It can give you almost immediate results because of its ability to reach far and wide.

With the three little holes at the foot of its funnel,

you can make raspier sounds as the situation demands. The Mega hoot owl call also boasts of having a small weight of only 1.6 ounces. It is also weather resistant, so you can work with it in different climatic conditions.

Highlighted features
  • Used for long-range calling.
  • Weighs only 1.6 ounces.
  • Three little holes at the bottom to improve range and frequency.
  • Produces a raspy tone.

4. Primos Hunting Power Owl Turkey Locator Call

Trying to call owls through thick forests or rugged terrains can be a real pain, more so when you have a substandard device. You need an owl call that is not only loud, but tough enough to withstand these types of environments.

Another top product with excellent features, 

you will love this authentic call locator from Primos. It consists of sturdy materials, which enable it to remain intact and optimally functional in demanding environments.

One may think that robust materials make a product bulky, but nothing could be further from the truth. You will be surprised to learn that this owl call is only 2.72 ounces, which is way lighter than most owl calls!

While you may take a while to master the art of making perfect calls and attract owls, the owl call produces remarkable calls!

One of its outstanding features is 

Its ability to make super-loud calls. When you need to attract more birds without moving deeper into the forest, get yourself a Primos locator.

With the call’s built-it back pressure, you can have greater control of the sounds you make, not to mention create varied pitches that are loud and authentic.

The locator’s design prevents reeds from sticking, 

so you do not have to worry about over-blowing. Overall, it is a reliable and durable product.

Highlighted features
  • Makes super-loud calls.
  • Made of superior quality hardwood which can withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Weighs only 2.72 ounces.
  • Automatic back pressure to help control sounds.

5. Flextone Owl Hooter Turkey Call

Flextone Owl Hooter Turkey Call

Wouldn’t the best owl call be a combination of value, ease of use, and durability? If you are looking for all these features in an owl call, you have to try this owl hooter made by the Flextone brand.

To start us off, I bet you will not find a more lightweight owl call, like this 0.2-ounce Flextone product!

Just like its name suggests, 

it is a flexible owl call, which gives you full control over the volume when you are making sounds. It also helps you to get more customized tones and back pressure. With enhanced control, it gets easier to attract birds because you can create more concise sounds.

Flextone chose spring material in making this owl call, has given it superior benefits. For one, you can forget about issues such as breakage. You have yourself a product that is long-lasting, regardless of the pressure you put through it.

The soft material helps for natural sound

Moreover, the soft material helps in producing a more natural sound. You, therefore, do not have to break a sweat to get owls to abandon their hideouts and head toward your direction.

Additional features that come with the Flextone owl call include a large bore, which allows you to increase volume, and its ‘squeeze and release’ feature.

Highlighted features
  • Made of durable and flexible spring material.
  • Weighs 0.2 ounces.
  • Has a bigger bore for extra volume.
  • Produces natural sounds due to its soft make.

6. Lynch Barred Owl Hooter

The saying ‘old is gold’ is fitting for a company such as Lynch. Even after more than seven decades in operation, it continues to make competent products.

Its barred owl hooter is a trusted owl call, made with the finest mahogany hardwood for guaranteed durability.

You might think that such an owl call from a reputable company only befits professionals, but no! The barred owl call is surprisingly very easy to operate. Even your 3-year-old can adapt to it at his or her second or third attempt.

You can make convincing sounds with this owl, 

thanks to the two-volume level feature. Producing sounds in different volumes widens your tone range helps you achieve the level of adaptability you require to draw owls.

It has a hanging string passing through its top openings for convenient portability. With a weight of 3.2 ounces, you will find it unburdensome to move about.

Even for bird fanatics who love to commune with animals, 

the Lynch owl call is decent value for money, and it will help you get those animal conversations going!

TIP: To take good care of the Lynch owl call and ensure durability, store it safely in places where it is unlikely to fall. Also, keep it moisture-free.
Highlighted features:
  • Two-volume tones for greater authenticity.
  • Superior mahogany material.
  • Light and portable at 3.2 ounces.

7. Hunters Specialties Big Hooter Owl Call, Brown

We wrap up our list of incredible owl calls with this quality product by Hunters Specialties.

One distinguishing feature of this brown H.S big hooter owl call is that it performs regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It is strong enough to cut through winds.

This owl call is known as the ‘Big hooter’ for good reason. It produces broad-reaching, high-quality sounds, enabling you to attract birds that are far away with little effort.

When you want to attract birds in places with uneven terrain, 

you can trust the big hooter to cut through all manner of geographical meanders and bring the owls to you. It can, therefore work where forests are thick and dense.

Apart from producing ‘hoot’ sounds, you can also use it to make raspy sounds that can reach far and wide, just like the Mega hoot owl call. Such diversity allows you to attract a broad scope of owl species.

Moreover, it only weighs a shocking 0.16 pounds, 

so you may not remember that you have it with you after you are done owl calling! Even if you have never held an owl call once in the past, the big hoot owl call can give you a pleasant experience.

Highlighted features
  • Works well in a diverse range of weather conditions, including windy conditions.
  • Has a broad reach, cutting through terrains.
  • Produces both ‘hoot’ and raspy sounds.
  • Easy to use regardless of experience level.

FAQs Regarding The Best Owl Calls

FAQs about The Best Owl Calls

01. Can I use a recorded voiceover instead of an owl call?

Yes, but it might not work!

Not only are recorded sounds monotonous and annoying, they also harm owls and other birds when you attempt to play them loudly to command attention.

Owls can perceive sound patterns with ease. Once they detect monotonous sounds, they can withdraw and become unresponsive.

To get some results using a recorded call, 

start by playing on low volume. Secondly, try using short snippets as opposed to playing the audio continuously.

TIP: Minimize the use of recorded calls as much as is possible to avoid agitating birds.  

02. How can I increase call the range when using an owl box?

If you live in places such as open countries, attracting owls means that you need to create high-pitched sounds that have a far reach.

To increase call range, hold the call at its tip and clench it with your index and thumb fingers.

If you intend for your call to attract distant owls, 

the ultimate owl call would be one that has an extensive reach. Ensure that you place the fingers in such a way that you make an ‘OK’ sign.

After, cap the remaining middle, ring, and little fingers, to create an open tube on your owl call. With that, you will notice that you will create a higher pitch and attract distant owls.

03. How do I determine whether to make loud or soft calls?

How do I determine whether to make loud or soft calls?

While many owl calls allow you to make resounding calls, it does not mean that you should make ear-piercing sounds at all times.

The optimal way to use an owl call is to start with a toned-down voice so that if there are birds nearby, they will come out. Do not hoot loudly when you start all calling.

A deafening sound can scare away the nearby birds so that they go into hiding after hearing the ‘threatening’ sound.

If you do not succeed in luring some birds with a soft hoot, 

it may mean that there are no birds close by. Start increasing the sound slowly as you wait to see if any birds will emerge. Only resort to more emphatic calls when you notice that no owls are coming out.

Alternatively, you can move deeper into the forest and continue blowing softly.

04. What time is ideal for owl calling?

As discussed earlier, you are likely to catch owls at dusk or dawn because most owl species work when it is dark. Nevertheless, owling time will depend on the owl species.

Several owl species are active during the day. Such include snowy and burrowing owls.

In such exceptional cases, 

hoot during the day. What you should do is find out which types of owl live in your area. Then, determine when they are most active so that you make an informed decision on when to owl.

TIP: Owling on nights when there is moonlight makes it easier for you to spot owls.

05. What if my owl call does not produce realistic sounds?

Quality owl calls should give out authentic sounds. Authenticity is vital when you are shopping for the best owl call.

While manufacturers may give directions on how to make authentic sounds when using an owl call, these directions may not be exhaustive.

Go to watch YouTube videos

Go ahead and watch YouTube videos on the same, and discover many more authentic sounds that you can make using your owl call!

If it gets to the worst, you can buy an owl call that is guaranteed to give you authentic sounds such as the diaphragm call. These types of calls are, however, made for professionals.

Final Words

While most birds (including the famous eagle) are literally ‘useless’ after sunset, owls stay up. These awesome raptors are adapted for the night. With their sharp night vision sight and unique hearing ability, they can prey on animals such as snakes and mice, which love to show up after sunset, keeping your compound pest-free.

To attract these special bound to your compound, you need an effective owl call. For the best owl call, look out for features such as flexibility in terms of tonal variation, devices that produce authentic calls with a wider reach, and durability. 

On to you now!  If you do not own any one of the quality products listed above, head on to Amazon and grab an owl call that is guaranteed to make owls come flying your way!

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