Top 7 Best Soft Pistol Cases Of 2022 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

You don’t have to choose between loosely carrying a gun and locking it in a large, bulky, hard case. You could get a soft pistol case.

The best soft pistol cases are only a little bigger than the gun. Their soft, flexible exterior allows you to pack the gun in a duffle bag or suitcase. It can also make it easier to take the gun to the range or camping.

Note that the soft pistol case for your gun may not be one made by the same manufacturer as your gun. And it is rarely worth it to pay a premium for a name brand.

What Do I Consider Before Purchasing A Soft Pistol Case?

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing The Best Soft Pistol Case?

What should you consider before purchasing the best pistol case for your gun collection? There are several factors you need to consider before you find the right case for your pistol. We’ll also explain why these factors matter so much.

01. Size

Of course, the best pistol case for your gun will fit around the gun or guns you want to carry. There’s no point getting a case for a small compact pistol if you’re carrying a large one.

For example, the best soft gun case for ar-15 pistol use is longer than others, because the AR-15 pistol is just short of the threshold of being counted as a rifle. Don’t buy a gun case that barely holds the gun. If the zipper is rubbing against the gun, that can damage its finish.

What Else You’d Like to Carry with the Gun?

What Else You’d Like to Carry with the Gun?

Do you want to keep everything for the gun in one place? You might want to pick a pistol carrying case with additional storage. For example, some pistol cases can also carry ammo or gun maintenance kits.

Do you want to take one or two clips of 9 mm ammo in the bag, so you can just grab it and head to the range? It can be more convenient to carry everything in one bag. But if you’re putting the gun case in a larger bag, then this may not be an issue for you.

03. Portability

Soft gun cases may be small fold up pouches you put in a duffle bag or backpack.

Soft gun cases may be small fold up pouches you put in a duffle bag or backpack. Or they may be large soft duffle bags, suitcases or messenger bags. You might want a soft pistol case that looks like just another piece of luggage so you can carry it discretely through a building.

Or you may want one that fits inside of a secure larger bag, so that you can keep your pistols with your gun. How will you be transporting the guns, and what style of pistol case fits that objective? For some, the best soft sided pistol gun case might be the one that fits in your rifle case.

04. Protection

A soft pistol bag holds the gun along with any other accessories you pack with it. In most cases, it holds the gun in a way that renders it inert, though you should never carry a loaded pistol.

A soft pistol bag holds the gun along with any other accessories you pack with it.

The pistol case may need additional locks on it, to prevent someone from opening it and accessing the gun. Or you may want a pistol case that is water-proof, so that your gun can’t get wet or dirty if you drop it in the mud while hiking.

05. Accessibility

Do you want a case that prevents unauthorized people from accessing the gun, if they steal the case or break into your home? Or do you want to be able to quickly reach the gun if your safety is at risk?

The mechanisms used to secure a gun may get in the way of reaching it when seconds count. For some, the best pistol case soft exterior will hold it securely in place in your car’s glove compartment.

06. The Material Used

The best gun cases are durable and rugged, though they don’t have a hard outer shelf.

The best gun cases are durable and rugged, though they don’t have a hard outer shelf. They should protect a gun from dust, dirt, grease and other substances that can clog it or contribute to rust.

It is possible to find a soft pistol case that is water-proof, but most are water-resistant. But even a water-resistant pistol case is better than nothing. If you need something waterproof, get a hard, water-proof case.

A different issue is impact resistance. If you drop the case, will it protect the gun from being scratched up? If there is more than one pistol inside of the case, does it have partitions or separate pockets? This is necessary to prevent one gun from scratching the finish when it rubs up against another, if they’re in the same case.

07. Value/Cost

Guns are expensive. A soft pistol case will protect it from damage, theft and rust. But most of us can’t afford to spend as much on protective cases as we’d like.

The best cases will provide the best balance between price and performance. That’s why we don’t say the best ones are the cheapest but the ones with the best overall value.

Our Top 7 Best Soft Pistol Cases Review

Here we’re going to review some of the most valuable soft pistol cases from the current market. So let's get started reading our top 7 soft pistol cases reviews.

01. US PeaceKeeper Brand Medium Pistol Case


This is a very basic pistol case by US PeaceKeeper, but that makes it one of the cheapest gun cases on the market. Yet it is a decent quality product.

We’re recommending the medium-sized version. That has exterior dimensions of 11 inches by 6 inches. That is too small for a 1911 gun and pistols with accessories, but it will fit some smaller pistols. Their largest pistol case is 13 inches by 7 inches, exterior dimensions. Take one inch off each of these dimensions to know how large of a pistol it can hold.


It has one inch thick padding. That isn’t good in terms of padding, but it makes the pouch relatively thin and makes it weigh less than one quarter pound.

It has water resistant fabric. It is not water-proof. Don’t take this gun case camping unless it is inside of a water-proof pouch. At least the Tricot liner protects the handgun’s finish.

It doesn’t have a handle, but it is a good choice for those who want to put a soft pistol case in a larger carrying bag.


The double stitching is supposedly durable. It is sewn in poorly and may show gaps in the seam. More importantly, the number 8 zipper can get stuck and it is prone to breaking.

Despite the very American name of US PeaceKeeper, it is made in China. This may be an issue for some customers.


  •  Low cost
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight    


  • Mediocre quality

02. Savior Equipment Double Scoped Handgun Case


This handgun case is advertised as discrete. You can’t hide it on your person, but it will hide your guns in plain sight. One point in favor of this soft firearm case is that it looks like a piece of luggage.


This gun case balances security with portability. It has two different compartments, so you can store guns in one and ammo in another.

It actually has additional magazine storage slots separate from the lockable compartment intended for pistols. And they’ll hold most sizes of magazines. The maximum size for each magazine slot is 8.5 inches by 1.75 inches.

The elastic bands can, of course, hold smaller magazines. This soft pistol case is one of the best ones on the market for those who need to carry multiple pistols or a ton of accessories. 

It has room for two handguns and six magazines carried all at the same time. It also has space to store safety glasses and other accessories.

This bag is designed to hold the gun and its accessories. You can open it up and lay it flat to get easy access to everything in the bag.


While it is advertised as having space for guns, ammo and earmuffs, it doesn’t really have enough space to hold the average set of earmuffs for shooters. That’s because it is just 13 inches by 9 inches. Nor does it have a pocket or hook for carrying them outside the case.

Furthermore, you cannot strap the weapon down in the bag. It can just slide around inside. You can’t take your gun into some gun ranges or onto an airplane in it.

The small slots on the outside of the bag for holding magazines are often too small to hold large magazines. We’ll say it can hold smaller caliber magazines but not larger ones.


  • Discrete
  • Can carry two guns and all your accessories


  • Magazine holders can’t hold larger ammo magazines
  • May not be permitted in certain secure areas

03. Uncle Mike's Brand Pistol Rug, Medium


This soft pistol case is small enough to fit a single mid-sized handgun. The manufacturer says it could hold a full-sized scoped firearm.

It is made to hold revolvers with a barrel with a three to four inch diameter. But that’s not the only reason why you may want to consider buying it.


You may not have heard the term pistol rug before. That is a flat padded surface that you can put a gun on. The “rug” protects the gun from damp or dirty surfaces and reduces the potential noise from picking up and lowering a gun. This soft pistol case gets that name from the fact that it can unzip and fold out to create a pistol rug.

The zipper case has moderately stiff plastic reinforcement. The material is somewhat flexible. This will provide more protection than a pistol case that is only made from thick cloth. However, the padding inside is not form fitting. It won’t entirely prevent a gun from sliding around.

It has little hanging loops on the ends that let you hang up the case when not in use. You can also secure the pistol rug via the lockable zipper pulls.


It is advertised as being able to hold large barrel automatic guns with a diameter of four to five inches. But it will not hold a full-size 1911 pistol.


  • Can be turned into a pistol rug
  • Better than average protection for contents
  • Can be locked


  • Can’t hold larger pistols

04. NcStar Brand VISM Discreet Pistol Case

NcStar makes a wide variety of tactical gear. They make a deluxe rifle case and tactical pouches. But we’re recommending their “discreet” pistol case. This soft pistol case is called “discrete” because it looks like any other small unisex handbag.

It could be a lunch tote or laptop bag. It is available in a variety of colors, but we are recommending the black one. That is a classic color, and it hides stains well.


This relatively compact pistol case has enough space to hold two handguns. They can each be held in their own padded compartments. The zippered outer pocket could hold a magazine loader or a cell phone. At 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches, it can’t hold much else.

The case has six elastic loops to hold up to six double stack magazines or a dozen single stack magazines. That means it can hold your larger ammo clips as well as your guns.

It has carry handles. Not all little soft pistol cases do. But it is also small enough to slide into a larger bag if necessary.


It is advertised as having internal dimensions of 14 inches by 11 inches by two inches. It is actually 13 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches. That can cause problems if you buy it for a gun larger than the actual dimensions.

But for smaller revolvers, there is no problem. And the internal space is so large that smaller guns won’t come into contact with the zipper, something that could damage its finish.

It doesn’t hold the guns securely in place. The dividers don’t do a great job preventing the guns from making contact, so you may want to add padding or be careful how handle it.

This means that the guns could make contact and get scratched up, if you don’t add Velcro or padding to prevent it guns from sliding around. The alternative is only carrying one gun in it.


  •  Can hold two pistols
  • Able to hold all types of magazines


  •  Smaller than advertised
  • Doesn’t do a good job of protecting pistols from contact

05. Bulldog Brand Soft Pistol Cases / Pistol Rug


This pistol case is 15 inches by 6 inches on the inside. It is 18 inches by 10 inches by 2 inches on the outside. It has one and three quarter inches of padding, providing better than average padding for your gun. It can hold the Smith and Wesson M&P, Colt 1911A, Crossman 1322 and other large frame revolvers, as well.


The Bulldog case tries to be everything gun owners need in a single package. It is a carrying case complete with handles. There is even a side pocket for holding a one or two seven round magazines.

We don’t recommend the cheaper version without the pocket, because it may not have space inside for ammo in addition to the gun. It opens up into a mid-sized pistol rug. That pistol rug will protect larger pistols from dirt and debris.

It is available in black and a “muddy girl pink” camo. We’re recommending the black carrying case because it is more discrete. It can also slip into a larger bag without being noticed.

The exterior is made from water-resistant nylon. The zipper doesn’t get stuck and there are no complaints about the seams coming apart. It has a workable carry handle. There are no complaints of the handle fraying or breaking under normal wear and tear.


There’s not much padding. It won’t protect the gun if you drop it. We mentioned it can hold one or two 7 round magazines. You can’t fit big clips in it.


  • Can be expanded into a pistol rug
  • Room for some ammo in addition to the gun


  • Water resistant, not water-proof

06. Smith & Wesson M&P Defender Handgun Case

If you’re a gun owner, there is a fair chance you own at least one Smith and Wesson gun. And the company makes a wide range of gun accessories. One such product is the M&P Defender soft handgun case.


This carrying case has external dimensions of 16 inches by 9 inches by 1.5 inches. It is made to hold a single large handgun. It can hold the largest revolvers such as an 8 and 3/8 inch barrel N frame revolver.

It can hold a Colt Single Action army pistol with room to spare. However, it can’t hold a longer barrel X frame Smith and Wesson gun. The medium version of this soft pistol case can hold an EZ9, but the small version cannot.

The carrying case is unusual in the fact that it is made from ballistic fabric. This material isn’t bullet-proof. Instead, it is an incredibly durable material that protects against abrasion and even shrapnel.

The material gets its name from the fact it was made to protect aircraft personnel form shrapnel and bullets. Let’s just say this gun carrying case will protect your gun from most types of damage.

And in an emergency, you have easy access to the gun. Just pull the large, single zipper along the edge. The zipper generally works. However, it may scratch the top of the case, and it may not run smoothly.

While you’re getting a Smith and Wesson branded pistol case, they aren’t charging you a premium for it.


There is no side pocket for holding ammo. This is disappointing because it is advertised as having such a pocket. You either have to put it in with the gun or find another way to carry it.

In theory, you can open it up to create a pistol rug. It is mediocre in this regard. While Smith and Wesson is an American brand, the pistol case is made in China.

There is no way to lock the bag shut. This can be a problem if you just have a locking case to transport your gun.


  • Protective material used in its construction
  • Provides easy access to your gun
  • Can hold the largest revolvers


  • No side pockets
  • Can’t lock

07. US Peacekeeper Attache Gun Case

This is the second US Peacekeeper brand gun case to make our list. That is because they are on average a good value.


This attache case comes in a variety of colors. You could buy black, blue, pink or grey ones. We’re recommending the blue version. If it was sitting in your car, it isn’t obviously a gun case the way a camo patterned case is.

It could be mistaken for a lunch tote, and that’s a point in your favor when you want to be discrete about carrying a gun around. Just grab the handles and walk in. It is easy to carry.

The interior pocket is 12.5 inches by 6.5 inches. The case itself is 13.5 inches by 8.25 inches. It has excellent padding given its low price.

It has the space to hold at least one mid-sized gun and could hold ammo. For example, it can hold most pistols but can’t hold long-barrel pistols like a Smith and Wesson Victory pistol with optics.

The elastic bands on the outside could hold up to five magazines. Because they wrap around the outside of the case, you can also use them to hold your reloading tool to the outside of the soft gun case.

The outside of this case is made from water-resistant polyester. The company advertises it as having a self-repairing zipper. In layman’s terms, it doesn’t have some of the same zipper problems as other gun cases.


The inside of the case is covered with Tricot lining. This material will stick to aggressive grip material on the handle of your gun, if you wrapped it in grip tape.

The elastic bands for holding the magazines will stretch over time. All elastic does. But if you’re putting half a dozen magazines in these bands, they may stretch out after just a few months.


  • Doesn’t look like a gun case
  •  Elastic bands can hold ammo or other gun accessories


  • Tricot lining can cause problems

Final Verdict

The best soft pistol case will hold your gun(s) securely and protect it from whatever you want to protect it from. It will do so without costing a fortune or falling apart at the wrong moment.

Use the decision guide we provided to determine the best soft sided pistol gun case for your situation from the 7 models on our list.

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