Top 10 Best Squirrel Calls Of 2022 (Reviews And Guide)

Sweet, fine-textured, nutty, tasty, nutritious—these are just some of the reasons why squirrel meat is the most popular game meat! Unfortunately, even professionals will tell you that hunting these rodents is no small task.

There are so many methods that you can use to catch squirrels. Think baiting, sitting and waiting, and stalking. However, none of these are nearly as effective as squirrel calling.

But wait. You cannot spend money on any other product if you want to turn your squirrel hunting days into a walkover! You need the best squirrel call.

A quality squirrel call should elicit a response from these wild rodents and get you on your way to preparing that mouth-watering meal!

Comparison Table Of The Best Squirrel Calls

What Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Squirrel Calls?

Are you shopping for a squirrel call? It is easy to become overwhelmed by the many available options.

However, going into the market with an idea of what you want shortens the buying. Below are several factors you should put in mind before settling for a squirrel call.

What Things to Consider before Purchasing One of The Best Squirrel Calls?

1. Type of sound produced

Did you know that a single squirrel species can make more than three different sounds? These rodents change their sounds depending on their emotions.

The sound of a distressed squirrel is different from one who is excited or angry. You, therefore, need to buy a call that can make several types of distinct sounds.

2. Types of squirrels

Do you know which squirrels inhabit your surroundings? You should. The type of squirrel call you buy should depend on the types of squirrels in your location.

Look for frequent hunters and ask them what types of species they come across. There are various types of squirrels, including fox, pine, red, gray squirrels, and more.

The fox bushy tail, for example, mostly produces the bark sound. While in distress, however, it can chatter and give out low barks. Gray squirrels are known to be extremely noisy when they get angry.

Do you know which squirrels inhabit your surroundings

Distinct sound

When possible, avoid squirrel calls that can only make one distinct sound. They limit the types of calls you can mimic, hence lowering your potential of attracting more squirrels

3. Type of material

When choosing a squirrel call, durability is critical. You do not want your call falling and breaking into separate pieces amid a hunting session.

For example, a call whose wooden part is made of hardwood such as mahogany can guarantee longevity. If the barrel of a call is made of metal, for instance, the metal must be resistant to rust.

Another factor to consider

How easy it is to separate the wooden and metal parts of the call. Superior quality squirrel calls are difficult to take apart.

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4. Design

Perhaps one of the best considerations you should make before buying a call is its design

Perhaps one of the best considerations you should make before buying a call is its design. The design of a squirrel call affects other factors such as durability and ease of use. Reputable companies such as Primos and MK make calls that have some of the best designs.

The harshest conditions

Primos calls are marketed as sturdy and can withstand the harshest conditions. During foggy or rainy days when you need to make louder volumes, you can trust that a Primos squirrel call will not succumb to the extra pressure.

5. One-hand operation

Some calls have a convenient one-hand operation. MK is the king of superior designs, making calls that require no learning curve. Their shake and tap designs make it easy even for newbies to join in the hunt!

Mouth calls are much harder to use, but they are also handy, once you learn how to operate them.

6. Cost

If you are working on a budget (we bet you are), you may have to write down the essential features you want in a squirrel call

If you are working on a budget (we bet you are), you may have to write down the essential features you want in a squirrel call. Have a list of some non-negotiables that your ideal squirrel call MUST have.

The price of a squirrel call is a factor of many variables; including material, quality, exclusive design, weight, and flexibility. You can, for instance, forego ease of use for versatility.

Note that higher prices are not always a guarantee of quality. Low-priced products can also be more useful than the expensive ones.

07. Critical call features

Do not neglect critical call features in the name of a lower price. You want a device that works, so it is better to save up an extra dollar for a better product if you have to!

Always read reviews from real users before you make a choice. Remember that you do not only want to spend less but also get value for money.

Our Top 10 Best Squirrel Calls Review

We have outlined top squirrel calls based on factors such as brand reputation, the ability to produce distinct sounds, ease of use, durability, and more.

Here are our 10 favorite bushy tail calls!

01. Primos 373 Hunting Squirrel Buster Call Pack


The Primos hunting call tops our list as the best squirrel call, and for good reason. Whenever you go hunting, even in the harshest climate or the toughest woods, you need a device that will remain intact.

The Primos buster call has a superior design that can penetrate those thick environments and remain intact no matter how often you use it.

The Shaker Style

Even more, it uses the shaker style of producing sounds, so you can use it at any level of experience.

With this Primos device, you can generate a variety of authentic sounds, including barking and chattering. So flexible is this Primos call, that you can use it to make all the five sounds of both the gray and reddish-brown squirrels.

To make chatter sounds, 

hold either the call’s bouncy top and give it a shake. For bark sounds, you have to tap the bulb-like top. Barking sounds are great for calling fox squirrels.

You can also make distress calls that imitate the young ones of the bushy tails. The distress call will help you locate adult squirrels.

It works great

The pitch also works great and will get your neighborhood squirrels exposing their locations so you can jump in for a kill!

  • Compact design that does not disintegrate.
  • Very small in size.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • Simple to use by either shaking or tapping.
  • Weighs 1.12 ounces.
  • Produces both the bark and chatter sounds.

02. Hunters Specialties Squirrel Call


Whether it is windy, foggy, or rainy, no weather has to force you to wrap up your hunting activity. Have you been searching for a bushy tail call that can endure any condition? If yes, your search is over.

The HS squirrel call works perfectly regardless of weather conditions. More so, you get a variety of sound choice, so you can locate as many squirrels as are present in your area!  

Elicit alarm calls

The call can elicit alarm calls, barks, distress calls made by young squirrels, and chatters. It can also produce decent chirps that allure pine squirrels. When you blow over the barrel, you can produce sounds that attract some baby squirrels.

Just like the Primos call, you can produce squirrel sounds by holding and shaking the hollow side, or by patting the rubber top.

A small opening

The call has a small opening at the side, which you can use to make loud distress sounds to annoy bushy tails out of their shelters.

When you are searching for a reliable product which can deliver results, this HS product is the definition of ease of usage, durability, and flexibility.

Additionally, it is inexpensive and lightweight, carrying only 2.4 ounces.

  • Produces chatter, distress, bark, and chirp sounds.
  • Has a port on its side for forming deep distress calls.
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces.
  • Can function under any weather.
  • Operated by tapping, blowing into the barrel, and shaking.

03. MK Unique Designs Squirrel Call Green - Small Bellows

Are you new to squirrel hunting? Few calls will inspire you to hunt more than this exceptional squirrel call from MK. MK is a reputable brand famed for unique and simple designs, and its unique design green squirrel call does not disappoint.

While the above is a green-colored call, other colors that have the same design are available if green doesn’t cut it for you.

No learning curve

There is simply no learning curve with this MK call. Even as a total newbie, you will successfully lure squirrels your way. If you want to catch the reddish-brown fox squirrels or the gray species of squirrels, this MK call is the go-to call.

Shake it rapidly to make chatter calls that will annoy and force those bushy rodents out of their hiding.  For bark sounds, you can knock the top of the bellow about three to four times.

Unlike other calls

The MK call is unlike other calls whose barrel and bellow fall apart. It has a compact design that ensures that it stays intact which increases durability.

If you want a product that you can easily pocket after hunting, you will love this call’s super small size. Additionally, it only carries a small weight of 1.12 ounces.

  • Compact design that does not disintegrate.
  • Very small in size.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • Simple to use by either shaking or tapping.
  • Produces both the bark and chatter sounds.
  • Weighs 1.12 ounces.

04. Haydel's Game Calls Small Game Squirrel Pack


If there is a squirrel call that leaves nothing to chance when it comes to design and functionality, it has to be the Haydel DS-85 and SW-92 game park.

As the name suggests, it is a well-thought-out combi design of the DS-85 and SW-92.

Squirrel barks and chatters

The D2-85 make ensures that it produces distinct squirrel barks and chatters, which are characteristic of fox squirrels. It also makes cries which mimic the young ones of squirrels and the all-aggressive gray squirrels.

Besides, the SW-92 mimics young squirrels’ distress calls. When you want to annoy or excite those squirrels and have them move toward you, this rich-featured call will work the magic.

Blow design

Its blow design makes it suitable for use even for your young children. While pushing air over the exhaust barrel using your mouth, you can create different notes to imitate the rhythm you intend to create.

This unique product is also not burdensome to carry. It weighs only 1.6 ounces and comes with a lanyard that you can tie around your neck. How convenient!

An aesthetics blow

For those who value aesthetics, the Haydel Game Squirrel pack does not disappoint. Its simple design with an acrylic barrel makes it stand out!

Moreover, it retails at friendly price, so you get more for less.

  • A combi of DS-85 and SW-92.
  • Mimics both chatter and bark rhythms.
  • Has a lanyard for portability.
  • Comes with a compressible top and an acrylic bottom.
  • Simple to operate.

05. Haydel's Game Calls Small Game Squirrel Call


For effectual hunting, you almost always have to juggle between two or more sounds in an attempt to attract more squirrels. If you have tried switching between calls, you know how frustrating that can be!

What if you had a multi-purpose call? I don’t know about you, but I would do whatever it takes to grab hold of it!

An ideal budget call

The Haydel call is the ideal budget call for making both the distress and barker calls. Distress calls are among the most effective calls you can make to attract squirrels. They work nine time out of ten!

Haydel’s Game Call has an uncomplicated learning curve, which even amateurs and young children can master. If you want to mimic the cry a gray squirrel, blow gently into the barrel.

To generate distress calls, 

you have got to practice bringing out your most panicky voice as you blow into the barrel several times.

The Haydel Game Call has one of the leading designs, making your hunting days less hectic. First, it combines a collapsible hose and an acrylic barrel, which gives it an aesthetic look.

Secondly, it has a sturdy make, 

so you never have to get anxious about the hose falling loose from the barrel. All the more, it is conveniently movable and pocket-friendly.

  • Unique acrylic barrel design.
  • A simple-to-use blow call.
  • Imitates the bark, cry, and distress squirrel calls
  • Does not disintegrate.
  • Weighs 2.08 ounces.

06. Flambeau Bark Squirrel Call Lure


What do you do when you get home after buying a bushy tail call? My bet is that you can’t wait to test it! If the call works and helps you down some squirrels on the first trial, then you know you have the ideal device. Right?

The Flambeau lure call is such a product. With this budget call, you will not miss a catch.

Believable bark calls

Not only does it make the most believable bark calls in the market, it also generates distinct squirrel screaming calls. These kinds of calls are common among gray bushy tails.

Achieving bark calls is as easy as patting the call’s bellows with your fingers. When you compress the bellows firmly, you can produce highly authentic sounds.

An unique feature

One unique feature about the Flambeau call is that you can separate the bellow from the hose. Blowing on the bellow produces accurate scream sounds.

Are you disappointed that your squirrel call is not loud enough? If so, the Flambeau is equal to the task. You can use it to make high-sounding calls and get the attention of distant squirrels.

How easy to carry the call?

The call is pocket-sized, hence comfortable to carry around. It weighs an impressive 1.6 ounces, which is way lighter than calls from other brands.

  • Made of superior fine wood and rubber
  • The bellow is separable from the wooden part.
  • Makes bark and scream sounds.
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces.
  • Makes loud sounds.

07. Quaker Boy Squirrel Scolder


When you are trying to push adult squirrels off of their safe havens, few things will work better than the chatters produced by the Quaker Boy call.

With minimal practice, even your young children can sue it to locate squirrels.

To imitate a squirrel’s chatter, 

cap the barrel with one hand as you compress the bellows with the palm of the remaining hand. You can make slow or fast compressions by changing the speed of compression.

If you want to vary the intonations, play around with the barrel capping, by reducing or increasing the opening as required.

Quality bark sounds

You can also use this squirrel scolder to make quality bark sounds by tapping the bouncy bellows on the ground, or patting using your fingertips.

If durability is one of your primary concerns when buying products, the Quaker boy scolder is your best bet. Made of plastic/rubber material, you can be sure to use it for years to come.

The cheaper squirrel call

It is also so much cheaper than other squirrel calls, so it is ideal if you are working on a budget. The manufacturers have ensured that it is incredibly light, weighing 0.8 ounces.

You can easily slip it into your pocket and go about your business.

  • Made of plastic/rubber.
  • Designed for hand operation.
  • Produces clear bark and chatter sounds.
  • Simple to operate even for children.
  • Weighs 0.8 ounces.

08. Faulk's Deluxe Squirrel Call

Squirrels chatter when they sense dangers such as predators in their environment. A chatter call can elicit lots of squirrel activity, getting these birds out of their hideouts in a bid to face the predator and protect their young.

The deluxe call from Faulk’s is produces realistic chatters, so that you can take home some squirrel meat every time!

An impressive design

The Faulk’s call has one of the most impressive designs compared to other calls. For one, it consists of a combination of rubber and metal which assure durability.

Say goodbye to squirrel calls that drop and crumble by using this robust deluxe call!

Secondly, it is hand-operated, which makes it very easy to use. It is relatively smaller and lighter than other calls, weighing 0.16 ounces.

Did you know that squirrels also listen up for other birds to determine if it safe to come out?

They especially listen to chatters from other birds. Therefore, if you use the deluxe squirrel call to imitate bird chatters, you are likely to attract squirrels as well.

Squirrels will interpret these bird chatters to mean that all is well in their surroundings, so they exit their shelters.

  • Made of metallic and rubber parts hence highly durable.
  • Produces authentic chatter sounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly portable at 0.16 ounces.

09. Harmon Scents - CCHSGC - Mouth Call Small

Let’s be honest. Not all squirrel calls will elicit a response. Others can only attract close-range squirrels, so you may go back home empty-handed if there are no squirrels nearby.

If you spend several minutes in the woods trying to get yourself a squirrel with no avail, it may be time to try a new tactic. Maybe get more aggressive! That is what this small mouth call from Harmon Scents is all about!

While soft calling may work at times, 

this loud call ensures that you reach those far-away birds. It produces loud authentic bark sounds that can attract aggressive squirrel species such as the fox squirrel and gray squirrels.

You are also covered if you are looking for a call that can help you produce chatter sounds. When you learn how to tune it, you can also get some distress whistle calls.

Even with all these benefits, 

the Harmon mouth call has a gentle learning curve. It comes with a Camo Lanyard, which makes its 1.6 ounces of weight comfortable to move around.

If you are looking for an affordable product that works, you have got to try this mouth call from Harmon Scents.

  • Produces loud and aggressive sounds.
  • Great for original chatter and bark sounds.
  • Comes with a camouflage lanyard.
  • Lightweight at 1.6 ounces.

10. Pete Rickard's Scotchman Squirrel Call

Do you live in an area inhabited by lots of fox squirrels? If yes, how about a delicious fox squirrel for your next meal?

The Pete Rickard's Scotchman Squirrel Call makes hunting these reddish-brown rodents feel like a breeze. Better yet, you also target other types of squirrels, because various squirrel species replicate bark sounds.

It does not end there. 

This Scotchman call squirrel deserves a slot in the top ten, thanks to the broad design on its wooden part, which enables you to create different sounds and tones as you wish.

You can, therefore, make many variations of the barking call to sound more authentic and lure bushy tails out of their safe places.

A brilliant choice

The Scotchman squirrel call is also a brilliant choice when you want to get those chatter responses from squirrels. If there are other types of squirrels in your location, you can get them talking back.

Do you hate bulky squirrel calls? 

No worries. This Pete Rickard’s call is small enough to fit into your pocket, and only carries 1.76 ounces of weight! Even if you know nothing about hunting squirrels, this call makes hunting fun and can turn you into a die-hard enthusiast.

It is also pocket-friendly.

  • Produces authentic bark sounds.
  • Simple to use.
  • Has a wide wooden opening for tuning.
  • Weighs 1.76 ounces.

Special Tips For Calling Squirrels

Tips of Use a Squirrel Call

I. Stop squirrels for a while

You can call squirrels that are moving away from you. Scream and whistle calls, which signal excitement and danger respectively, can cause a squirrel to stop for a while; giving you enough time to fire a shot.

II. Calm down

Once you take a shot, calm the other animals down. Wait for about ten minutes and make chuckling calls sounds to signal safety in the woods and get the squirrel to come back.

III. Types of calls

Distress calls are the most effective types of calls, so use them as much as you can. For the best results, call in the early morning or late evening.

When making distress whistle calls, make them more effective by first hitting the ground using a leafy limb. Such a limb sounds like a hawk that is striving to keep balance while killing its prey. 

When adult squirrels hear the limb sound combined with the squeal call, they will come out as they bark. When using a squirrel call, keep in mind the pointers below:

IV. Hunting area's size

Hunting squirrels is more of a close-range activity, so you do not need to make sounds that reach far and wide. Focus on covering at most 50 yards.

V. Weather

When it is rainy or foggy, you may need to ramp up your volume as opposed to when the woods are quiet.

VI. Don’t call when…

Squirrels are very active in the woods! When these bushy tails are all over the place making noises, a call will put them in alert mode and cause them to be silent or drift into their hideouts.

VII. Do not overcall

What if you are not getting any results? Resist the urge to overcall. If you do not get a response in two to three minutes, shift to another spot!

FAQs Regarding The Best Squirrel Calls

FAQs of The Best Squirrel Call

Q. Do squirrel calls work?

Yes, they work. Just like turkeys and owls, you can call squirrels. However, there is a trick—knowing exactly which sound to produce and the time of day that these bushy tails are most active.

One sure way to make distinct sounds is to get into the bush and listen up for authentic squirrel sounds.

Secondly, be alert on when these bushy tails come out to undertake their activities. Squirrels can produce an array of sounds.

Commonplace sounds 

The most commonplace sounds are barks and chatters. Chatters are fast and rhythmic. When you hear these sounds, know that squirrels are irritated. Barks are loud and often come from male squirrels.

Some squirrels will make a combination of chatter and bark sounds. Squirrels often make cutting sounds when they are gnawing on nuts. They can also scream when they are excited.

Another type of call

Another type of call that most people are not aware of is a whistle.  Also known as a squealing, this comes from kits when they are in distress, for example, when attacked by predators.

A whistle forces adults out of their hiding places as they seek to rescue their young ones.

Q. What times are most squirrels active?  

What times are most squirrels active?

While you can capture these rodents at any time of day, you can easily catch them at dusk or dawn, like most bush animals.

No, you can use other methods such as the sit and wait or stalk techniques. However, such methods can be very ineffective and time-consuming.

Imagine sitting down in the woods as you hope that maybe a squirrel will pass by! What you need is a sure way of making a kill.

Most squirrel calls are generally inexpensive, 

and you can use them to make clean-cut sounds that imitate bushy tails. Moreover, using a call for squirrel hunting is a superb way to learn different intonations, increase your ‘squirrel vocabulary,’ and become an exceptional hunter.

Using a call allows you to get aggressive. You can spot squirrels, lure them out of their habitats, ensure that they do not run away out of fright, and have them where you want them.

Q. How do I use a squirrel call?

Learning how to use a squirrel can be a bit challenging, but not enough to discourage you! There are two types of squirrel calls. We have mouth calls and shake or tap calls.

The latter has a straightforward learning curve. This video makes using a squirrel call look as easy as A-B-C!

Tap on the rubber side

All you need to is tap on the rubber side of the squirrel call. You can also make as many sound variations as possible by strategically closing and opening up the call opening at the bottom using your fingers.

Always read the instructions manual and follow it to the letter. You will get lots of helpful tips.

Q. Can I combine the use of a squirrel call with other activities to attract squirrels?

Absolutely! Using a squirrel call alongside other complementary activities helps you to be more successful in drawing squirrels.

One example is to throw pebbles in the air. When squirrels see these pebbles, they will think that they are falling nuts and will try to chase them. That gives you a chance to target and make a shot.

Another method is to blend in more calls such as turkey or owl calls. The variety of sounds gives the impression of a natural environment which can allure squirrels.

Final words

Have you been using fruitless squirrel hunting methods? Try squirrel calling!

Squirrel calling is guaranteed to work if you do it right. Follow the guidelines on what to consider before buying a call. These include the types of owls in your area, variation of sounds produced, and ease of use.

Remember that hunting at dawn or dusk can also guarantee that you will bag a squirrel to enjoy at lunch or dinner!

If you were previously overwhelmed by the different models of squirrel calls in the market, I hope this best squirrel call guide has taken you a step closer to your ultimate squirrel call.

Why don’t you go ahead and grab one of these top squirrel calls?

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