The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Of 2022 (BUYING GUIDE)

The activities of owning a gun do not end at just firing it whenever you need to protect yourself. A big part of having such a weapon also means to maintain it.

If you have any experience at all with guns, you will know that they have about a million parts to them. Now imagine having to clean all those parts. Tiring thought, right?

But have you considered getting the best ultrasonic gun cleaner? It is a revolutionary tool that enables users to maintain their guns effortlessly.

You can say goodbye to taking the gun apart piece by piece because the ultrasonic wave from the tool does the cleaning for you.

However, with any revolutionary product comes the need to understand how the tool works. That is why we are here to talk all about ultrasonic gun cleaners in this review.

What Is The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner?

FAQs About The Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

The best sonic gun cleaner will depend vastly on how much a user can spend. Since there are products with extensive features as well as ones that have basic features, the price will vary.

However, even within an affordable range, if you find a cleaner that has a suitable frequency level and a durable body, then that should work well.

Besides the power output, users should also look out for the interior and check if that has enough protection against water and different chemicals that will be present in the cleaning agent.

How Do I Choose An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What should I look for in the high-quality ultrasonic gun cleaners? If I'm looking to clean my firearms, then I might invest in an ultrasonic gun cleaner, or UGC for short. Because I have known these cleaners to be powered by ultrasonic waves instead of heat or water pressure. They can work with virtually any gun made, from pistols to rifles to shotguns, and more.

If you’re thinking about buying an ultrasonic gun cleaner but aren’t sure what to look for, I recommend you follow this guide to better understand how to choose the best ultrasonic gun cleaner on the market today.


The goal of using ultrasonic cleaners is to use sound waves to break down mineral deposits, grease, and rust on metal objects. This allows me to clean smaller metal parts that wouldn’t fit into a traditional cleaning solution.

An ultrasonic cleaner uses vibrations rather than heat or chemicals in order to accomplish their purpose. In addition, they are safe for most types of objects and can be used frequently without causing additional damage.

Proper maintenance of your ultrasonic cleaner will ensure it runs at peak performance. The machine I want should come with specific instructions detailing proper cleaning techniques.

I would recommend someone to always read these carefully before making any adjustments to your equipment. One should know the following:

  • The purpose
  • Using and maintenance
  • Suitable cleaning techniques

Size and Capacity

The first thing I’ll want to consider is what size ultrasonic cleaner I need. How big are y firearms? I'm I planning to use it for other items around my home, such as jewelry or electronics?

The larger and more powerful of a machine that can handle these things, and perhaps even larger industrial items, is going to cost a bit more up front. But most times, they are also going to be sturdier and hold up better.

Therefore, when buying an ultrasonic gun cleaner, I would suggest you consider:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility

Lock N Load

If I'm going to buy an ultrasonic gun cleaner, I will make sure it has a high-quality motor and comes with lots of accessories. This will ensure that my cleaner is going to last a long time. The better manufacturers typically include these features with their product.

In addition, buying from a trusted manufacturer helps ensure you won’t receive anything but top-quality products. I would recommend that those looking for the best ultrasonic gun cleaners consider:

  • Quality
  • Accessories
  • Manufacturers


The material of my ultrasonic gun cleaner is going to be a huge factor in determining how good it will be at cleaning and maintaining your firearms. If I'm looking for a high-quality cleaner, I will look for one made from stainless steel or glass. I would also suggest you avoid aluminum, as it can scratch metals like nickel and copper.

Make sure that whatever cleaner you choose has been FDA certified. This shows, to me, it’s safe to use on materials with food residue on them. Check out where it’s manufactured; I want something made in America! Therefore, my ultrasonic gun cleaner material should:

  • Stainless steel or glass
  • Certified
  • Safe to use

How Easy to Clean?

If you want to take care of your gun at home, then a great way to do that is by investing in a cleaning kit. The problem with doing so is that there are many cleaning kits in today’s market. And while they all may look similar at first glance, once I read their descriptions and specifications, I quickly realize how diverse they really are.

For example, some kits allow for dry and wet cleaning, while I only use others for one of these types of cleaning.

How Easy to Care Case?

Case design is a really important feature for gun owners, who rarely want to hassle with difficult cleaning routines. An easy-to-care case can make a big difference in your cleaning routine.

While you should still carefully clean your gun after each use, a durable case can help prevent large amounts of dirt and grime from damaging your gun—and extending its lifespan. 

To learn more about how easy to care cases affect ultrasonic cleaners, I would suggest you check out a guide on ultrasonic cleaners.


Get at least a 1-year warranty with all ultrasonic gun cleaners. Some brands offer lifetime warranties, which is certainly better than paying for repairs later on down the road. Keep in mind that a high-quality model might be more expensive upfront, but you’ll save money over time because you won’t have to make regular repairs or purchases.

Most units get covered under a limited warranty, but higher-end models sometimes include additional coverage options such as insurance against loss and even accidental damage by fire. When you get a warranty for gun cleaners, consider:

  • The expiry date
  • What they cover

Other Considerations

With so many gun cleaners on the market, finding one that fits your needs can be a challenge. But with a little time and research, you’ll find one that matches both your needs and your budget.

Use my recommendations as a starting point in your search for an ultrasonic cleaner, and I'm sure you will find just what you’re looking for!

Top 7 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Review

Although it is a genius invention, it has been in the market for a while. So, if you were confused among all the models and brands, then check out our list of the 7 amazing cleaners.

1. iSonic P4820-WSB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

It is hard to come by small sets that are simple to operate and easy to store. However, iSonic takes care of that issue with their stainless steel model that is perfect for home use and works on more than just guns.


This model is about 3.1 inches tall and does not have that much width to it. Moreover, the design is very compact and has stainless steel wires and a secure lid to cover everything. So, you can keep a space dedicated for this machine, and it will not take much space.


The home device operates at 110 V, which is suitable for household equipment. With the power generated from that voltage, it can clean the gun, which can be immersed in up to 2.5 liters of water. At those limits, the machine should produce a frequency of 35,000 Hz.


You can clean small jewelry or any other metal parts in this container as long as it fits. There are different time-settings available as well. 


To ensure that the small device does not overheat, the manufacturers also included a cooling fan. You can preset the heater, and if it exceeds the limit, the fan will work to bring the temperature down.

  • Wire mesh with stainless steel material
  • Different timing options
  • Overheat protection
  • Multipurpose use
  • Generates 35,000 Hz within 2.5 liters
  • Not suitable for cleaning brass cartridge

2. iSonic P4810 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

This model can easily be the best ultrasonic cleaner for gun parts as it has various useful features. The brand again offers another extremely portable product, but this time it is suitable for commercial use.


This device operates with a stacked transducer, which works very well with liquids, unlike other ultrasonic machines. Besides, it also has a wire steel mesh to submerge different parts in the liquid. Thus it is suitable for not only gun parts but also brass cartridges and even carburetors.


Despite being suitable for commercial purposes, this product is personal space-friendly. It is no more than 6 inches in width but can easily hold up to 2 liters of liquid in its tanks.
Of course, being an ultrasonic device means that it produces a range of frequencies that generate waves for the cleaning process. The P4810 by iSonic is capable of providing 35,000 Hz with the help of 135 W power production. With that combination, you can easily clean steel, brass, copper gun parts, and other items.


Users can clean at different lengths from 1 minute to 30 minutes. But, with a preset of 60 degrees Celsius, the chances are that the machine might overheat. But measures are there to keep the temperature low with the help of cooling fans.

  • Suitable for commercial purpose
  • Portable size
  • Has heat-protection
  • Cleans different metallic objects
  • Variable timer setting
  • A bit costly

3. Lyman, Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner 115V

If you are looking for simple and time-efficient ways of cleaning several hollow parts of a gun, then picking this Lyman device will do you good. It is the perfect model for home use.


A crucial factor that sets this model apart from the rest is its fast processing feature. You can place anything that the tank can hold and clean, and this machine will get the job done in no more than 15 minutes. For cleaning reloading cases, it takes even less, about 10 minutes.


Since the product works so fast, you can clean hundreds of 9mm cases in less than an hour. It effectively removes carbon, dirt, and other residues from metal and other gun parts.


The product is small in size and has a durable plastic exterior. But the interior is suitable for the water solution and ultrasonic frequency. Moreover, the tank can hold about 2500 ml of cleaning liquid.


You can easily throw small trinkets such as rings and necklaces in this machine to get rid of small dust build-up. Aside from the different metallic gun parts, cartridge cases are also compatible. However, brass cartridges will not be suitable for this cleaner.

  • Fast cleaning action
  • Holds a sufficient amount of liquid
  • Versatile usage
  • Compact size
  • Can clean multiple batches
  • Not compatible with brass components

4. DK SONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater and Basket 

Sometimes gun parts are plagued with oily residue in addition to dust and dirt. In such cases, you will need an ultrasonic device of high caliber, and DK SONIC has a product of such standards.

Heat Function

The ultrasonic wave is not enough to get rid of oil and wax. Hence, this machine has a unique heating feature. You can set the water-soluble temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius before the cleaning process to extract the oil from the metal surface.


It is not merely a home product, but a very commercial machine with the capacity of producing 40KHz frequency. You can deep clean anything from jewelry to carburetors with such strength.


This device is a bit bigger than the others we have mentioned so far. It will hold about 2 liters of water and has a stainless steel tank to prevent any interior rusting. Besides that, this item also has a backup fuse to prevent accidents.


With such high frequency, you can clean multiple batches of cases and gun parts, with each batch not taking more than 20 minutes. The range can vary as well for parts of different sizes.

  • Offers extreme deep cleaning
  • Can commercially clean multiple objects
  • Has a unique heating system for oil and wax
  • Backup fuse for safety
  • Stainless steel interior
  • A bit bulky

5. Hornady 043320 Lnl Sonic Cleaner


For the wave to have an effect, it needs to pass through a solution. However, some machines have all sorts of complicated steps for preparing the solution. But with the Hornady device, you will get the best ultrasonic gun cleaner solution and action.


It is a very simple device to work with and comes with a One Shot Sonic solution to clean different gun parts. Moreover, it will work with items such as cartridges, metal equipment, and jewelry as well. You can even set the time up to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the object and batch size.


Size-wise, this is a very compact model and is about 6.9 pounds. The tank inside can hold about 2 liters of cleaning solution. Besides that, the compound has a black exterior with a red panel where all the operational buttons are displayed.


Inside the 2 liter tank, users can clean quite large batches of cartridges and other parts. One batch should accommodate 100 to 300 cases of different sizes.


The model also has a unique ceramic heater that utilizes about 80 watts to keep the solution warm. Such a process helps in getting rid of stubborn carbon residue and other gunk from metal surfaces.

  • Unique One Shot solution
  • Can clean large batches at once
  • Has a ceramic heating system
  • Finishes the job in 30 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • May cause discoloration

6. RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner


Some people like to stay ahead of schedule, and some work right before the deadline. If you are one of the latter, then you must have left your gun unclean before you need it the next time. But with this product, you will not have to worry about time constraints!


Users will get versatile use out of this product as it works fast and efficiently. Every batch should take less than 30 minutes, and it has a large stainless steel rack where you can place cases and cartridges. The ultrasonic waves travel through a liquid solution, making it easier for people to operate the tool.


The tank can hold more than a liter of water, and thanks to the spacious rack, you can clean batches of at least 200 cases at once. However, the number of cartridges or other metallic objects will differ based on their size.


The product itself is extremely lightweight and is about 1 pound. The heavy-duty plastic exterior helps the tool be light. However, it is wider on the side to accommodate the stainless steel tray inside.


Operating the ultrasonic machine is quite easy and beginner-friendly. Once you know the water and solution ratio, the rest is straightforward.

  • Extremely lightweight and portable body
  • A speedy cleaning process
  • Can hold large batches
  • Stainless steel rack will not rust
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for small batches

7. iSonic P4890(II) Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Last but not least, we have another powerful cleaner from iSonic. It might not be the best ultrasonic gun parts cleaner, but it surely packs a punch with several convenient systems such as a draining port and a heater.


By now, you know that these machines work with liquid solutions for a hands-free cleaning system. But this model also has a clever drain port to let the liquid out once you are done cleaning.
Moreover, to help with stubborn oil or dirt, it also offers 5 different heat settings. So, you can preheat from 40 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius based on your need.


It is quite a spacious item that will hold about 9 liters of solution. So the item is not very portable. However, it also means that you can clean giant batches of cases and even parts such as carburetors.


This is a commercial-grade product, which is why it generates about 500 watts to create a frequency of 35,000 Hz. The ultrasonic wave from that frequency should offer deep cleaning.


Once the items are inside the machine, it should not take more than 30 minutes. However, you can set the timer anywhere between 1 to 30 minutes.

  • 4 ceramic heaters offer 5 different heat settings
  • Easy drainage port
  • Holds 9 liters of solution
  • Produces high power for deep cleaning
  • Time setting options
  • Not very portable

FAQs Regarding Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

Q. Is ultrasonic cleaning safe for guns?

Yes, this type of machine is completely safe for different gun parts. You will not have to scrub or rub the surface to get it clean.

However, plastic or rubber parts such as muzzle hides or handle covers might not tolerate the high frequency and chemicals of the cleaning solution as well as the metal parts.

Is ultrasonic cleaning safe for guns?

In such cases, it will be wise to set the plastic or malleable parts aside and only put the metal parts inside the machine. If your cleaner runs on less power, maybe you can try and see if the rubber part can handle the stress, but we recommend against it.

Q. How well do ultrasonic cleaners work?

Depending on the frequency and the cleaning chemicals, an ultrasonic machine can do quite an excellent job. Since there is no need for scrubbing, the wave can penetrate the smallest inch of a gun part and get it cleaned.

The solution easily gets rid of carbon dust, dirt, mud, rust, etc. Moreover, some devices even have heating systems that work wonders against oil and wax. 

The heated solution softens the hardened wax or lifts the oil, and the hydrophobic substances of the detergents consume the oil. Thus, your gun becomes squeaky clean without any external force.

Q. Can you put your hand in an ultrasonic cleaner?

If you know what chemicals are going inside the solution, and if it is safe for your skin, then putting your hand inside the cleaner for a few minutes will be harmless.

However, do not submerge your hand inside the machine for long, even if the cleaning water is mild.

Q. What can I use in an ultrasonic cleaner for a carburetor?

Generally, the model you will suggest a tonic that will be suitable for the machine, and you can use that ratio to clean anything, including a carburetor.

However, if the brand does not have its own solution, then you can use some white vinegar and equal parts water to clean such a tool.

You should also know that personal ultrasonic cleaners are not powerful enough to clean carburetors. So, you might end up damaging the machine as well as the carburetor if it is not meant to be cleaned.

Q. Does ultrasonic cleaning damage metal?

Does ultrasonic cleaning damage metal?

It usually will not cause any damage to a metal body. However, if the object is too brittle, then you might face some issues.

Final Word

Whether the best ultrasonic gun cleaner of your choice will be pricy or expensive will depend on the type of heavy cleaning you need. But after hours of research, we can guarantee that any product from the above list will serve you well.

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