Can You Rent A Gun For Hunting? 7 FAQs And Answers

Gun control advocates say there’s no good reason to own more than one gun. But that’s like saying you don’t need more than a screwdriver in your toolbox or a single ladle in your kitchen. You really can’t go hunting with the pistol that fits in your purse, and it is almost impossible to defend your home with a shotgun. 

This is aside from the fact that the long gun you use for competitive shooting may not be designed for shooting deer and ducks. But very few of us go hunting very often.

Buying a gun you’ll rarely use is an expensive proposition. Yet you can rent almost anything. But can you rent a gun for hunting?

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01. Can I Rent a Gun from a Dealer or Gun Range?

Can I Rent a Gun from a Dealer or Gun Range?

In general, the answer is no. Dealers typically have a no returns policy in order to limit their liability. You may be allowed to return it within 24 hours if you change your mind, but that’s assuming it hasn’t be used or modified.

Taking the gun out into the field introduces too much risk. If you do rent a gun at a gun range, it almost never leaves the gun range. The gun ranges that let you rent a machine gun or AK-47 to shoot just for the experience of shooting it falls into this category.

How to verify the gun before renting?

Some gun ranges allow you to rent guns in the hope that you’ll buy them. Rent the gun for an hour and test it in the gun range. If you like it, you’re much more likely to buy it.

After all, you’ve verified that it works and that it will work for you. This breaks through the resistance that prevents many people from buying guns when they’re so hard to return.

02. Can I Rent a Gun from the Hunting Lodge?

 Can I Rent a Gun from the Hunting Lodge?

Let’s say you pay to go hunting at a hunting ranch or hunting lodge. It may be impractical to bring your own shotgun or rifle. Or the average hunter may not own a gun with enough firepower to take down the large game you’re going after.

The hunting package deal

In these cases, you may be able to rent the gun from the lodge itself or from your tour guide. In these cases, the gun is “borrowed” just for the hunt. You don’t get to take it off their property.

In other cases, the gun is officially loaned to you for the duration of the hunt. This lets them avoid the legal liability that comes with a rental agreement. And they can include the gun “rental” as one more thing included in the hunting package deal.

Benefits of renting a gun from the hunting lodge

Either way, renting the gun from the hunting lodge has a number of benefits. It means that you don’t have to travel with a gun. That is quite a hassle, and you’re not running the risk of losing a personal firearm or a rented one.

The rental fee may be offset by what you save on baggage fees and cost of getting the necessary permits to travel with a gun. You also reduce the risk of being pulled aside by security and interrogated until you miss your flight.

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03. What Are Your Options If You’re Going to Rent a Gun?

 What Are Your Options If You’re Going to Rent a Gun?

Hunting ranches generally have a variety of rifles. These range from the classic .22 to a .455 nitro express. And you could pick up an 870 shotgun to a more exotic option.

The ability to rent a .22 allows you to give every member of your hunting party a gun, even if they don’t have one themselves. Furthermore, you could try hunting with larger ammo than what your personal firearms could handle.

04. What Do I Need to Watch For When Renting Guns?

What Do I Need to Watch For When Renting Guns?

Just because you can rent the gun doesn’t mean that it is the right one for the job. You can get into trouble if you pick up a gun you can’t control because the recoil is more than you can handle. 

Read customer reviews to get safe, reliable firearms.

You’ll have to make sure the relief in the scope is right for you and that the sights are zeroed. Do your research regarding the hunting lodge and the firearms they make available to guests. Read customer reviews to see if they are providing safe, reliable firearms.

There is no point in renting a gun and booking a hunting trip if the shotgun they provide you won’t make the kill shot. On the other hand, if they’re not maintaining their guns, you don’t want to take that risk yourself. And you may want to go with a different outfitter.

Some countries require a permit 

If you’re traveling to another country, renting the firearms at the lodge will eliminate the need to figure out how to get your gun through international customers.

However, some countries require a permit to borrow a firearm from the lodge. Know what paperwork you may need to do ahead of your trip.

05. What Are the Rules Regarding Gun Rentals?

What Are the Rules Regarding Gun Rentals?

That depends on where you’re renting the gun and where you’re going to be shooting the gun. In most states, the restrictions regarding firearm usage are relaxed if you never take the gun off private property.

For example, many states restrict gun licenses to people over 21 who pass a criminal background check and go through a detailed permitting process. But you could let your ten year old shoot your rifle on your family farm.

Federal regulations

And a 19 year old without a gun permit may be allowed to go hunting with a rented firearm. The only rules that apply are federal regulations and the rules set by the rental establishment.

They generally require a criminal background check like running your name through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That means that you’ll need a state or government issued photo ID card.

Can children be allowed to fire rented guns?

This could be a driver’s license, state identification card or passport. You’ll typically have to be at least 18. Children may be allowed to shoot rented or borrowed guns as long as they’re supervised by an adult, be it their parents or an instructor.

Why might you be refused permission to rent the gun or be forced to give it back? They might revoke permission to carry their weapon due to misbehavior or a failure to pay the necessary fees.

Follow the guide’s instructions

That’s why you don’t want to get drunk in the hunting lodge before you go hunting or create problems for the other guests. If you’re shooting recklessly or failing to heed the guide’s instructions, they may take the gun back.

And if you don’t have a hunting permit, they may refuse to loan or rent you a gun. Hit the limit on your hunting permit, and they may take the gun away so you don’t go over the limit.

06. Can You Rent a Gun While at a Gun Range?

Can You Rent a Gun While at a Gun Range?

If you’re renting a gun at a gun range, they may say you can only use it under their supervision. That is certain to apply if you have no experience with guns.

On the other hand, it is rather common for gun ranges to let you rent the gun during their shooting classes. But this puts you under the supervision of certified instructors.

Pay additional fee

You’ll have to pay a gun rental fee in addition to the range rental fee, though this may be part of the total price you pay to learn how to shoot. You may have to pay for the ammo you shoot, whether you’re hunting or practicing on the range.

Expect them to charge you if they need to bring out more ammo. Then again, you will have to pay for ammo if you didn’t bring your own or ran out despite having brought your own gun to the range.

07. What Can I Do If I Don’t Want to Rent a Gun / Can’t Rent a Gun?

What Can I Do If I Don’t Want to Rent a Gun / Can’t Rent a Gun?

You may be able to try crossbow hunting or bow and arrow hunting. Crossbows are almost as powerful as rifles, but they get extra points for being relatively silent. They can also be taken into national parks and other areas where firearms are almost impossible to take.

Air guns are sometimes touted as a safe way to maintain your skills, especially if it is of the same size and shape as your preferred firearm. Unfortunately, air guns lack power by design.

The powerful air guns

They may let you kill pheasants and quail, but you won’t be taking down a deer with it. Pneumatic arrow guns have enough power to take down sheet, mule deer, smaller turkeys, pronghorn, and alligators.

A few of the most powerful air guns like the .50 caliber air rifle could hit them, but you may need multiple shots or a perfect shot into the skull to take them down.


Can you rent a gun for hunting? The answer is often yes, if you meet the minimum requirements for owning a gun and are renting it from the group that’s taking you hunting.

Depending on the hunting outfit and the location where you’re hunting, you may be allowed to rent a gun for use though you don’t meet age restrictions or have the necessary firearm permits.

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