How To Use A Bullet Puller In 7 Steps? Beginners Guide

Bullet pullers are necessary devices for separating the bullet projectile from the casing of the cartridge. Here we're going to discus the reasons why you need a bullet puller and how to use a bullet puller safely in simple 7 steps.

Why do you need a bullet puller?

Bullet pullers are designed with easy usage in mind. Any gun enthusiasts will surely appreciate the convenience of bullet pullers.

It is Easy to Use

The impact gun puller has a hammer-type utilization which only requires hitting it on a hard surface. The other types of gun pullers have a mechanical feature for much easier utilization.

While bullets seem harmless when not loaded in a gun, accidents can still happen. Accidental slips can still cause injuries.

Gun pullers can securely hold the cartridge while separating the bullet from the cartridge so accidents are less likely to take place.

Bullet pullers are designed especially for pulling bullets.

Safety from damage

Bullet pullers are designed especially for pulling bullets. Hence, you can feel confident that the bullet and the cartridge case are safe to reuse depending on their quality.

Bullet pullers contain and hold the cartridge case, bullet, and powder until you release them. That makes cleaning very convenient and keeps your working area organized.

Anatomy of a cartridge

Reading about cartridges is a good way to get yourself educated about cartridges' components and usage.

However, using the best bullet puller can provide you with more than book knowledge as you can have first-hand experience and an opportunity to examine the cartridge yourself.

How To Use A Bullet Puller Safely?

How To Use A Bullet Puller Safely?

Bullet puller hammers are easy and safe to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use a bullet puller hammer.

Step 01: Remove the bullet puller hammer cover.

The bullet puller hammer has two sides; one with a cover and one with none. Unscrew the cover on one side to insert the collet.

Step 02: Put the appropriate collet on the hammer.

Collets are caliber specific, which means that they can only hold calibers that are suitable or the right size for them. Make sure that the collet you use is suitable for your cartridge

There are usually three collets included in a bullet puller hammer. Make sure to read the compatible caliber for these collets. If your caliber or cartridge size is not compatible with the collets included in the bullet puller hammer package, purchase the collet first before using the hammer.

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Step 03: Take the cover and screw it back over to the hammer.

Take the cover and screw it back over to the hammer.

Before inserting the bullet, remember to screw the cover back over the collet. Keep it loose. Make sure that the collet can still move around.

Step 04: Take the cartridge and set it in the hammer and the collet.

Take a cartridge compatible with the collet and insert it in the hammer cover and push it inside the collet.

Step 05: Tighten the hammer cover.

Don't forget to tighten the hammer cover to make sure that the collet will hold the cartridge firmly.

Step 06: Grab the handle and strike the hammer on a solid surface.

Grab the handle and strike the hammer on a solid surface.

Make sure to strike or hit the hammer on a stable solid surface with the covered part facing up. You can use solid surfaces like wood or concrete. This process can take 4 to 5 hits or until the bullet goes down the collet.

Don't put too much force on the hammer as the force may cause damage to it. Light to medium force is enough.

Hitting the hammer against a solid surface produces inertia. Inertia then causes the bullet and powder to fall out from the case.

Step 07: Unscrew the cover.

When you unscrew the cover, you will first see the collet and the cartridge case. remove them first.

Then, you will see the powder and bullet inside the lowest part of the hammer. Pour the powder and bullet on an area designated for them to avoid mess.

Last Step: Reuse the case and the bullet.

Reuse the case and the bullet.

Cartridge cases are usually reused or reloaded. Brass casings can be reused a number of times as long as it is not deformed or worn out. You can also use the bullet if you want to or as long as the condition is good.

When it comes to the powder, you can still reuse it as long as you are certain about the powder type and it is in good condition. However, reusing powder that you have less knowledge about is not recommended. The unclassified or old powder is better to use as a fertilizer for plants.

Depending on the case quality of the cartridge case, you can reload the case about three to five times.

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