7 Best Electronic Ear Plugs Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

Do you also feel groggy from not being able to shoot properly because of unwanted noise disturbing you in every possible way? If so, we feel your pain, and believe us when we say that hours of research have helped us to find the best electronic ear plugs to block unwanted sound.

Just like you, we want to hit the target as well, and the products that we have found can not only block sound but do a lot more, like play music. You can even achieve a quiet environment to concentrate better while shooting with these earplugs.

However, you might have several questions like how exactly do these little things work? And will there be any harmful effects of such an electronic tool? But do not worry as we will cover all your concerns while recommending top-notch products.

What Are The Best Electronic Earplugs?

Undoubtedly the best in this category will be products that offer maximum noise reduction while not creating any unwanted irritation. As often, such digital products can have a faint noise from the internal parts, which might cause more disturbance than help.

Hence, users should choose a product from a trusted brand. Besides that, comfort also matters massively for such items.

You need comfortable for long period use

As you will be wearing these devices for long periods, maybe during hunting or while working on a construction site, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. So going with earplugs with softer tips and a secure design will serve you the best.

Which Type Of Earplugs Is Best?

Earplugs are not very different from one another, except for their noise attenuation capabilities and other features such as Bluetooth connectivity. However, based on the external design, some people might prefer different types.

For example, there are foam tip plugs as well as rubber ones. Foam tips are soft and usually adds an extra layer of noise blockade. However, they might not be very secure.

On the other hand, rubber plugs stick to the ear cavity better, thus providing comfortable wear. However, users should check whether the rubber is of a hypoallergenic component or not.

Earplugs or Earmuffs; Which Are Better?

The best is to use both an earmuff and an earplug. However, between these two, an earplug offers better noise reduction as it covers the cavity better.

Moreover, the earplug is way smaller and easier to handle. But there are earmuffs that are highly useful, and if you need extra protection, you might want to check those out as well.

Our Top 7 Best Electronic Ear Plugs Review

You must be eager to check out which products we have lined up for you and their exact features. So, without any delay, let us hunt for the perfect earplug.

01. Otto NoizeBarrier High Definition Electronic Earplugs


When you decide to spend some extra dough for a special electronic sound block, you want it to be the best thing in the market. Well, this Otto NoiseBarrier might just be the best because of environment adjusting features and long battery hours.

Noise Block

This device has the unique ability to adjust according to the sound of your environment. So if the noise around you is limited, it can offer 15 dB protection. But if the need arises, these plugs can also control 40 dB impulse noise.


You can take this for a long ride or have a sound 8 hours sleep because of the continuous 16-hour battery life. Moreover, it comes with an IP67 rating, which means it is waterproof.


The case is also unique and has the ability to charge the plugs up to 20 times when it has full power. It also has an LCD panel and a two-mode operation system activation point. Most importantly, you can store all the small items in this case with ease.


When you are shooting, you also need to be aware of your surrounding, which is why this device can also enhance the soft sound by 5 times for high alert.

  • Long battery life
  • Blocks up to 40 dB noise
  • Has 5X enhancement mode
  • Comes with a charging battery case
  • Waterproof
  • Will cost a bit more

02. 3M PELTOR TEP-200 Tactical Earplug Kit


A big no-no with earplugs is when they are uncomfortable. We know how we dislike the feeling of something uncomfortable sticking inside our ears. Hence, this 3M tactical device might be the comfortable solution you are looking for.


This will be an extremely comfortable product because it weighs less and the plug itself is soft. Besides that, you will get an instruction manual that tells you all about the sealing ring, cord connection points, and steel clips. Of course, it has wireless capabilities as well.

Sound Block

The model can offer a noise attenuation of 23 dB, which should help in activities such as shooting, construction work, and even in the law enforcement field.


The plugs come with a case, and that chargeds this electronic tool. Its 3 AA batteries should last for 16 hours of continuous use.


It is a very innovative design that comes in multiple sizes for a better fit. Besides that, the exterior is also waterproof and resists dust buildup. There is also a microphone port that minimizes the noise from the wind.

  • Dust and water-resistant surface with a rubber sealing
  • Durable case that charges the plugs for 16 hours of service
  • High noise attenuation
  • Microphone port reduces wind noise
  • A comfortable design
  • It might have a slight humming noise

03. Caldwell Electronic Hearing Protection

Music makes everything better, and maybe it even helps you concentrate better. And the good news is with the Caldwell E-max plug, and you can get amazing stereo sound while still blocking unwanted noise.

Wireless Stereo

Enjoy quality music while canceling unwanted noise with this amazing earplug. It offers a smooth transition of muting noise and playing music with Bluetooth connectivity to your cell phone or computer. Moreover, you can even control the volume of music as per your taste.

Noise Control

You do not have to worry about this product being a simple earphone because it has a noise reduction rating of 23 NNR. So, you can expect peace and quiet when you use these babies.


These items are available in 6 sizes so that everyone can get a perfect fit, and they will not keep falling off your ear. Moreover, the tips have a comfortable foam for easy wearing. So, these can be the best electronic earplugs for shooting comfortably.


Users can wear them for long hours, but it shuts off automatically if the device remains inactive for 4 hours or more. So, it effectively saves battery life. The case it comes with is also the charger for the plugs.

  • Blocks noise and plays music
  • Has a 23 NNR
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Shuts off automatically to save power
  • Wireless Bluetooth system
  • Case can be flimsy

04. Walker's Silencer Bluetooth Digital Earbuds


It is always a treat when you can control a digital product simply with your smartphone. That experience is also possible with the Walker’s Silencer, and it can be one of the easiest earplugs you have ever used.

App Operation

The device comes with Bluetooth connectivity; hence, users can control it with an app when it is paired with any smartphone. All you have to do is download the app.


Along with comfort, functionality also matters, which is why this brand designed plugs separately for each ear. These right and left plugs have a sure-lock mechanism and come in 3 sizes.

That will let you wear the device for long periods without feeling discomfort. Plus, they will sit snug and not fall off!


It has four different modes to adjust to different places, such as a universal model, or 3 and 4 high-frequency boosts to block more noise, or voice clarification additionally if can cancel a maximum of 23 dB noise.


The product has a wireless charging system with a lithium battery. It comes with a charging block where you can place the plugs, and it will charge automatically. The block can also function as a case.

  • Comes in 3 different sizes with individual earplugs
  • 4 different modes
  • 2-in-1 charging dock
  • Sure-lock system
  • Enables app operation
  • Might have charging issues

05. ISOtunes FREE Wireless Earplug Earbuds


The best electronic shooting earplugs must have many qualities, but they should also be long-lasting, right? Since when you are out and about, time flies by, and you do not want to stop your shooting game just because the earplug battery died. Hence, we give you this ISOtunes item.

Battery Life

This particular earplug can serve you for 7 hours straight and also comes with a compact case that can charge the plug on the go. When the case has full capacity, it can revive the device 3 times, giving you a total of 21 hours of use.


It is a powerful digital device that will come in handy if you are in the construction business, the mechanic field, or simply a sports shooter. The device has a 22 dB NNR rating and ISOtume SafeMax system for effective noise reduction.


Users can take this handy product outdoors as it is water and sweat-resistant. Besides that, it is a very compact item, and even the case will not take much space.


The wireless plug is as comfortable as it looks. You will find them in 3 different sizes, and each ear will have a foam tip and silicone tip of a double-flange design. So, the plugs will stick to your ears without causing discomfort.

  • Compact charging case
  • 22 dB NNR rating
  • Up to 21 hours of charge
  • Comfortable plugs
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Not suitable for high noise

06. SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus filtered Earplugs


Are you tired of boring-looking earplugs and want to invest in a cool-looking pair? Well, SureFire products should be some of the coolest pair we have seen so far, which are available in not one, but 4 different shades.


This plug has a unique low profile design that allows users to wear it under masks, helmets, or any other accessory. Moreover, it also comes in a transparent color along with black, orange, and red.


These pairs are also extremely comfortable and secure. It has a latch connecting both the pieces, so you will not lose them any time soon. Moreover, it also has an earlock system to keep the device on your ear no matter what.


The device comes with filter caps and a sound reduction rating of 24 dB NNR. Besides that, users will also stay protected from extremely dangerous noise of 85 dB and above. So, it is more suitable for places like a construction site, or even for shooting.


Besides sound protection, the plug itself has hypoallergenic components to prevent an ear infection. Moreover, the components are soft and bendy, which will prevent any scratching or burning.

  • Available in different shades
  • Protects from high-level noise
  • Earlock system
  • Hypoallergenic substance prevents irritation
  • Low-profile design
  • Has charging issues

FAQs Regarding Earplugs/Hear Protection

Q. What is the best electronic hearing protection?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on what the users' specific desire is. For example, earmuffs can be excellent hearing protection, but they are generally large in size.

So, if users wanted something more discreet while still having a considerable noise blockade, then we will suggest the Otto NoizeBarrier product.

It is for an excellent protection

It gives excellent protection up to 40 dB and is also water-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Besides that, you can also pick Walker's Silencer if you wanted Bluetooth and app connectivity.

Q. Do snipers wear ear protection?

Snipers do use ear protection when they are practicing or are in a closed environment. However, usually in the combat field, they do not use earplugs for several reasons.

But having the scope to use these products would help them a great deal and save many from premature hearing loss.

Q. Is it bad to sleep with earplugs?

That is completely up to personal preference. If you can tolerate sleeping with these plugs in your ears, then it is safe.

However, do give some break from time to time as frequent use might exacerbate wax buildup. 

Q. Do police wear ear protection?

Yes, people in law enforcement often utilize earplugs, and since these products are equipped with Bluetooth and wireless service as well, it serves as an additional benefit.

Q. Is there an alternative to earplugs?

If you are searching for alternatives for a shooting earplug, then earmuffs can come in handy.

On the other hand, there are devices such as white noise machines that can replace earplugs for a comfortable sleep.


So there are tons of choices when it comes to choosing the best electronic earplugs. Some offer more comfort while others offer better technical features, but we would gladly use any of them because they are worth the money. 

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