Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Mats Of 2022 (The Buying Guide)

Cleaning your guns is a necessary process, but aren’t you tired of grease leaking everywhere? It becomes almost impossible to wash it off from the mat. So, what can you do?

All products claim that they are the best, but we all know how that turns out after a few days. It becomes unusable even for a rag. Now, let us do all the dirty work for you. We did some thorough testing with these products and found the best gun cleaning mat for you.

These products will make sure that you have a pleasant time cleaning your gun. Plus, say goodbye to any waste of money.

What Is A Gun Cleaning Mat?

Why Do You Need A Gun Cleaning Mat?

Cleaning your gun is never too easy. Not only do you always have to deal with small and extra parts, but oil and grease can easily ruin your table. To prevent that, people use various cloths or pads.

However, the best thing you can use is a mat dedicated to this use. These gun mats are usually very soft and thick.

An Issue with different cloths and pards

One problem with using different cloths or pads is that they soak up the grease. That ends up making your whole table dirty and difficult to clean.

These mats will prevent anything like that. That way, you can work in a clean environment. Plus, washing these products is really easy, and you can reuse them for years.

How easy to scratch?

Using any normal cloth or pad can easily scratch various parts. Plus, these products will also prevent any scratches or any damage to your gun. Some have multiple compartments to keep everything organized.

Overall, a gun mat is something where you place your weapon before cleaning.

Factors To Consider For Purchasing The Perfect Gun Mats?

What To Consider For When You Purchase One Of The Best Gun Mats

1. Purpose / Type of guns

Gun mats come in different kinds, lengths, materials, and more. Some may come with pockets too and some do not. While it may be overwhelming to hear the differences, always remember to stick to your purpose and the type of gun you are using.

For instance, if you are using a shotgun, then a longer gun mat is more suitable for you.

Also, remember your purpose. Aside from cleaning your gun, do you want to use the gun mat inside the house or in the shooting range? If you want to use the mat outside, then you probably should buy a gun mat with a pocket to hold all your cleaning materials.

2. Quality material

The material should be of high-quality absorbent fabric to easily soak up cleaning substances and prevent table surface damage.

The material should be of high-quality absorbent fabric to easily soak up cleaning substances and prevent table surface damage.

Some gun mats are also made of rubber. Although it is not very absorbent, rubber is still an excellent material for protecting the surface of the table. It is also easy to clean by just wiping out oil, lubricant, and others.

Some gun mats can also be made with waxed canvas, wool, and leather. These materials are especially durable and are suitable for outside usage.

Any of the mentioned materials are viable options so you can feel free to choose the material you are comfortable with.

Ensuring that your mat is made with good quality materials will make you confident that the gun mat will last a lifetime. Therefore, more value for your money.

3. Absorbent

The right gun mat should be able to absorb or easily soak up any kind of oil solvent or other liquid cleaning substances.

The right gun mat should be able to absorb or easily soak up any kind of oil solvent or other liquid cleaning substances.

Cleaning substances contain harmful chemicals that can damage surfaces like wood. Thus, the cleaning mat should be absorbent enough to avoid spillage on the table surface.

Some mats may not be very absorbent like mats made of rubber and leather. However, they can still hold the cleaning substances on their surface while you clean.

4. Size

Just like guns, gun cleaning mats also come in different sizes.

Always choose a gun mat that is big enough to let you lay your gun and its components.

It should also be big enough to cover the surface where you are cleaning to avoid any spillage.

5. Printing Glock

If you are new to cleaning your handguns or Glock, you can opt to buy a gun mat with printed easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams to assemble your Glock.

If you are new to cleaning your handguns or Glock, you can opt to buy a gun mat with printed easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams to assemble your Glock.

These gun mat prints are not just Glocks, but also other types of guns. Choose the mat that has a print of the gun you use.

Some gun mats may even have a printed history of guns.

6. Compatibility

Gun mats are built differently according to different types of guns.

Hence, if you have a handgun, make sure that you get a mat that is compatible with it.

Always check the product description or ask the seller first.

7. Brand

Buying branded gun mats can guarantee higher quality and longevity.

Some popular gun mat brands are TekmatOtis Technology, and Sage & Braker.

There is nothing wrong with buying no-brand gun mats. However, unbranded gun mats are often made with low-grade materials.

Our Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Mats Review

Here is a review of the best ones out there. You can expect excellent results from them and never worry about spillage.

01. Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad

It gets very annoying whenever you put your rifle on a pad, and it scratches it. The whole purpose of the pad is to protect you from any spills, but it’s intolerable if it ends up damaging your weapon.

So, here is the perfect solution by Drymate.

Build quality

When it comes to the material, it sports a soft felt-like material. That’s how it prevents any scratches. Plus, it can soak a lot of water too. The anti-spillage will help you prevent your table from getting greased up.

There is also slip-resistant backing to keep everything in place.

Size variants

Another great thing about this gun pad is that you get tons of size variants. So, you will not have to deal with buying a large one for your pistol or a small one for your rifle. You can choose whichever size you see fit.

How easy to clean?

This one is always a bummer. Most of these pads are not easy to clean. Thankfully, you can just throw this one in the washing machine and just relax.


The stain-resistant body makes sure that you can use this product for years to come. Also, it is incredibly durable too.


  • Features an absorbent fabric and waterproof backing that traps and contains all cleaning solvents to prevent damage to the table surface
  • Effectively protects the surface and gun from scratch
  • Slip-resistant backing that secures the mat on the surface
  • Easy to clean and suitable for machine or hand wash
  • Guaranteed durable and long-lasting
  • Made from 50% recycled fibers


  • Durable build
  • Stain-resistant body
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts a long time
  • Anti-slip backing


  • Rubber backing might come off
  • Too thin

02. Real Avid Smart Mat

Isn’t it kind of frustrating that you have no place to put the parts of your gun while cleaning? Finding different trays is also a pain. The solution is to get a product that provides you with an integrated parts tray like this option by Real Avid.

Build quality

This product is one of the most premium options available. Not only does it feel soft to the touch, but you are also getting dense padding. That helps to prevent any scratches.

There is a magnetic tray to keep all the small screws in place too. Plus, the anti-slip back will make you feel more secure.


On top of the mat, you will also get a few clear graphics. It tells you how to clean and take apart your gun. This one is a great feature for newbies. Now, you don’t have to take your time googling it.


You do get different options for different handguns, but that’s about it. As long as you’re using it for a small gun, you’ll be fine. Sadly, they do not provide you with large pads for bigger rifles.


Since the pad prevents any oil or other solvents from getting absorbed, you get a pleasant cleaning experience. All it requires of you to do is take a towel and wipe it off. 

The whole process is very quick and straightforward.


  • Provides 43 x 16-inch working space
  • Features a parts tray connected to the mat
  • Designed with a magnetized section for the pins, springs, bolts, and other essential gun components
  • Non-slip backing prevents the mat from accidentally slipping
  • Beads up liquid spills instead of absorbing
  • Highlights printed takedown instructions to keep your cleanup and assembly process organized and correct


  • Keeps everything organized
  • Prevents any oil from soaking
  • Helpful graphics
  • Sticks on to various surfaces
  • Soft to the touch


  • Harmful for mother nature
  • Bad quality control

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03. GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

It’s important to take care of your gun, and the best way to do it is by getting a thick cleaning pad. That way, you can prevent any damages. Plus, it feels great to the touch too. That’s why we highly recommend this one by GLORYFIRE.

Build quality

It is never too late to worry about the environment. That’s why you are getting an environment-friendly, durable material in this product. It is amazingly soft, and it’s 12″x36″ inches long and ¼-inch thick. The thickness is great for pressure resistance.


Don’t you love it when the mat provides you with all the information you need to clean your gun? Well, you are getting every possible info from this one. It has pictures and tells you about all the different parts for easy navigation.


You will get fantastic versatility from this product. The size is good enough to fit any small handguns to big rifles. So, unless you have nuclear weapons or missile launchers, you will be more than fine.


Yes, you are getting good waterproofing and oil resistance, but this product is a bit difficult to clean. However, the downsides are too little.


  • Provides a wide working area
  • Effectively protects gun accessories with its good pressure resistance
  • Features a protective layer that repels all liquids
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Clearly printed gun diagram for a more organized cleaning and assembly process
  • Slip resistant to keep your table surface safe from any damages
  • Made with eco-friendly materials


  • Extra thick
  • Can take different guns
  • Amazing waterproofing
  • User-friendly design
  • Comes with great packaging


  • Not easy to clean
  • Costlier than other options

04. Real Avid Large Padded Gun Mat

Most pads are for small handguns. So, the life of a shotgun owner becomes pretty sad. But don’t worry because we have the perfect product for you to keep protecting your lawn. If the last one wasn’t enough, here is another option by Real Avid. 

Build quality

Just like the previous one, you are getting a soft-touch durable material. It also sports a magnetic tray to store all of the small parts of your gun. Plus, the anti-slip backing helps you put the mat on any surface. You will get a sturdy work environment.


It is a fact that size matters a lot, and bigger is always better. Especially when you have to deal with a large rifle, thankfully, this one comes at 43 x 16”. That way, you will be fine with almost any rifle out there.


Like other good pads, you are also getting informative designs here. It shows you all the essential things you have to know about taking apart a gun.


Even though it has impressive waterproofing and grease resistance, it is easily cleanable. All you have to do is gently wipe the grease off, and you’re good to go.


  • 24x14 inch padded mat that provides sufficient cleaning surface in the range
  • Designed with a non-slip back to keep the cleaning mat secured on the surface
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Features a removable divider and storage sections to keep all your accessories organized
  • Rolls back into its case neatly
  • Highly portable and fit for outdoor shootings


  • Soft build
  • Amazing longevity
  • Premium material
  • Fantastic oil resistance
  • Cleans easily


  • Not environment-friendly
  • Costly

05. Ultimate Rifle Build- Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat

Any accessory related to guns usually gets pretty expensive. But who wants to spend so much when you can get a high-quality pad in a budget? Since it is never easy to find one, check out this option by Ultimate Rifle Build.

Build quality

Say no to cheap-feeling products and embrace stitched options. This one has stitched borders, which make it feel delightful. Also, the waterproof polyester build makes sure that you can use it for years to come.

You are also getting heat transfer printing, which will help you deal with any smearing. Plus, the non-slip rubber backing is great for sturdiness. You can even use it as a large mouse pad.


The overall color is black with a print of the flag of the USA. Plus, the soft materials feel very pleasant to the touch, and the prints will not fade away over time.


Coming at only 11×17”, it is great for your small handguns. However, you do get the option to choose a larger one for rifles. You get more than enough room to organize everything.


This factor might be a bit of a bummer. Unlike some other options, this product is not suitable for machines. That’s why you’ll have to clean it with your hands.


  • Features a patriotic design, stitched corners, and black polyester top
  • Designed with a rubber backing that prevents the mat from slipping
  • Easy to roll, store, and transport
  • Wipes clean for effortless cleaning
  • 1/8" thick padding that effectively handles pressure and keeps the gun and table safe
  • Solvent-resistant and durable for long term use


  • Feels premium
  • Different size options available
  • Very soft
  • Durable build
  • Works like a mouse pad


  • Not machine washable
  • No tray for parts

06. Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

It never gets easy to keep everything organized while cleaning your gun. There’s always a chance to lose small parts. That’s why getting a pad with different storage compartments is so necessary. For that, check out the one by Lyman.

Build quality

You are getting a durable synthetic rubber body with various compartments. That way, not only are you getting a non-slip back, but you can easily keep all the small parts in plain view.

It is pretty soft and prevents any scratches on your gun or the bench’s finish. 


It has a pretty straightforward design choice. However, there’re not many color options available. So, you will have to work with the olive one. Another sad thing is that you do not get any information about the parts because of the rubber body.


There are two different size options available. Now, you will get good protection for both your pistols and larger rifles. When you roll it, it doesn’t become too bulky. That way, storing it will never cause you any issues.


Since it is rubber, you don’t have to worry about putting this in your washing machine. All you have to do is wipe the grease off, and you will be good to go.


  • Features special recessed sections to contain all spills and organize the gun parts and accessories
  • Solvent and oil resistant making it easy to clean
  • Made with a durable soft polymer that offers longevity
  • Easily rolls up for easy transport and storage
  • Made from synthetic rubber that provides a non-slip surface


  • Incredibly soft
  • Outstanding durability
  • Sticks to the surface
  • Doesn’t become bulky
  • Plenty of compartments


  • Harmful for the environment
  • Bit expensive

07. Falko Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat

When you are willing to spend money to buy a pad like these, it will be wise to go for something that’ll provide you with all of the features. Thankfully, Falko is renowned for doing that.

Build quality

It’s time to stop using your sister’s yoga pads for cleaning your gun. Let her have her peace. You will get amazing waterproofing and oil resistance from this product because of the polyester build.

Furthermore, it is much thicker than other mats in the market, coming at ¼-inches. You can even use it to clean your coffee table or a mouse pad. 


This one has a diagram of an exploded AR-15. It also explains all the small parts. The overall color is black, and the print will last you for years to come. If you are worried about the quality, then you’ll be happy with the crystal clear texts. 


The large size will be great for not only small rifles but for big ones too. It has a diameter of 32×16”. That will be more than enough for anyone. 


Not only is it entirely machine washable, but you can easily clean it with a towel too. The oils don’t absorb, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the table either.


  • Highlights a 1/4" thick rubber that provides a comfortable cleaning surface
  • Provides effective protection for your gun and table
  • Highlights an anti-leak and easy to clean surface
  • Offers 12x36 inches sufficient working area
  • Rolls up easily for easy transport and storage
  • Designed with easy-to-follow printed instructions and diagrams to assemble the gun 


  • Easily washable
  • Fits all weapons
  • Extra thick
  • Comes with a case
  • Versatile use


  • Bulky
  • Might be too large for some people

FAQs Regarding Gun Cleaning Mats/Pads

Q. What are gun cleaning mats made of?

Answer: Most of these mats have a polyester or rubber build. When it comes to polyester, you get a long-lasting coating. It prevents any oil or water from soaking. On the other hand, rubber mats do not feel too premium, but they are better when it comes to resistance.

There are some other materials like wool, leather, or waxed canvas too.

What are gun cleaning mats made of?

Q. Do I need a gun cleaning mat?

Answer: If you don’t want to lose any critical part of your gun or create a big mess on your table, gun mats are necessary. They are convenient when it comes to protecting your weapon from any scratches.

It is the best option if you want to take care of your firearms properly.

Q. Where are Tekmats made?

Answer: Tekmats have a soft thermoplastic fiber surface, which prevents any scratches or damages to your gun. They also have a thick vulcanized rubber that will prevent any sliding issues. It is also great for keeping your work surface clean.

Q. Is it bad to clean your gun after every use?

Is it bad to clean your gun after every use?

Answer: No, it is never bad to clean your gun after every use. If anything, you should always do this to prevent any rust or corrosions. You can significantly increase the lifespan of your weapon by doing this.

However, it is vital that you clean it thoroughly and properly. If you are not too careful, then you might easily damage the gun. 

Final Words

Now you know which products to get when you want to clean your gun. It is apparent that you have to stop using different cloths as a pad, as it can ruin your table with grease.

Since finding the right one often gets tricky, you can consider our review of the best gun cleaning mat and have a pleasant experience.

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